Frequently Asked Questions


What is EIU2?

EIU2 is the graduation guarantee for transfer students and works similar to the already established EIU4 program.  The program is simple: for students who qualify and complete the EIU2 student responsibilities, we guarantee that they will finish their degree in two years.

The program is completely voluntary


Why is a timely graduation important?

A delay in graduation costs not only extra time to spent on obtaining a degree, but extra money lost by delaying entry into the workforce, and extra tuition and fees.  Many students receive financial aid, whether it is grants, loans, or scholarships.  Students who prolong graduation or spend more hours to complete their degree risk running out of financial aid and/or incurring more debt.  The impact of this can be felt in regards to paying for Graduate School in the future, and paying off student loans after college.

If you have any questions about financial aid and the impact it can have, you can contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships at 217-581-3713 or visit their website.


Who is eligible for the program?

The program is open to all incoming first-time transfer students who have earned an associate's degree and enroll in a corresponding eligible program at EIU. 


How and when are eligible students notified?

All eligible students will be notified by email within the first few weeks of class.  They will be sent a list of student responsibilities and asked to make an appointment with the EIU2 program coordinator.


How is eligibility maintained?

Key components to staying eligible are earning at least 15 credits in their major each semester, meeting regularly with an academic advisor, and maintaining the same major throughout the program.

A complete list of all student responsibilities can be found here.

What are the benefits of the program?
  • Scholarship availability the first year.
  • Individualized meeting with the program coordinator to review program requirements and ask questions.
  • Additional support from the program coordinator who helps monitor their progress and provides supplementary support with other services on campus.
  • Help getting into closed classes.
  • Access to EIU2 website and resources.
  • Reminder emails of important dates and deadlines.