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On-campus TV station produces newfound passions

Rameen Karbassioon was a sophomore computer management major and all-around sports fan when he found himself at the door to WEIU, the on-campus PBS affiliate.

“I didn’t know much about their newscast or how things went,” Karbassioon said. “I stuck my head in the door and the rest is what it is.”

What happened next is not uncommon at WEIU: Karbassioon was given hands-on training in the use of the equipment, a chance to try his skills in the field, and a chance at on-air presentation. Before he knew it, Karbassioon had found a new calling in the station’s sports department.

“By my senior year I was anchoring, shooting a lot of games, and going to away games,” he said. “I wanted to continue with what I learned.”

Today, Karbassioon serves as a full time producer at WEIU, taking seasoned video veterans and new newscasters alike through the ropes of broadcast sports production.

Karbassioon said the amount of work a broadcast crew puts into a production is not always apparent.

“I’ve watched so many games on TV over the years, being a sportsaholic myself,” he said. “I didn’t know what it would take to put on a ball game.”

In fact, he said, a production at Eastern requires most of the same crew positions as any other live sporting events.

Among that crew is Shelia Grimm, a camera operator on the WEIU sports crew. Like Karbassioon, Grimm started from a non-broadcasting as a biology major.

“I decided to join the sports production crew when I heard there was an opening,” Grimm said. ”I was really interested in it just because I had never done anything like it before.”

A lack of prior experience proved no problem for Grimm as she was taken on and trained by the station. Since then, she said, she has come to enjoy her being part of the sports production team.

”There are only a few other girls on the crew and we all get together, and they don’t know it, but we make fun of the guys on the crew,” she joked. “Its almost kind of a little family.”

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