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EIU students getting involved in area's latest Habitat for Humanity project.

Drive past 1602 Adams Avenue on a Wednesday or Saturday morning, and you'll see Coles County Habitat for Humanity's latest project taking shape; amongst the many volunteers, a contingent of EIU students will be lending their time and effort to the home-building project.

Members of both the EIU chapter of Habitat for Humanity along with the Panther baseball team got involved in the "Blitz Build" bright and early on the morning of Saturday, Sept. 15. During this stage of the project, walls were erected and a decked roof was added to an existing foundation and subfloor. The work will continue every Wednesday and Saturday morning between 8 a.m. and noon until the home is complete.

"It's kind of a team builder for us," said EIU Baseball Coach Jim Schmitz, explaining why he feels it is important for his team members to participate. "We get some of the rookies to work with the veterans, so for us it's a plus. It also shows (the players) how lucky we are and that college is more than just going to class and playing baseball."

And of course the contingent of volunteers isn't limited to just these two groups. Community members are always a part of these projects and are encouraged to come out. For that first day of work, a young woman from Asheville, N.C., even took part; she is spending the year traveling across the country, saw a newspaper advertisement for the build and decided to come out.

When the project is finished, Laura Cleaver and her son, Marshall Vaughn, will be the proud homeowners. The project sponsor is Richard Crackel.

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