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Career Services can be your partner for the journey to post-college employment

We all have our reasons for wanting a college education. Not every student’s motivation is exactly the same, but one common desire cuts through the rest … to prepare for a career.

While that’s hardly a groundbreaking revelation for the typical EIU student, many of them may not realize their work in the classroom isn’t the only way they can ready themselves for life beyond college. Luckily for them, Eastern’s Career Services office is here to help them in a number of ways.

“We want students to understand that professional development is a vital component of their college experience that greatly impacts their post-graduate opportunites,” said Diane Smith, a career advisor at Career Services who also handles the office’s marketing efforts.

“New students can use us as the campus experts to help them with career exploration that is specific to their needs and interests as well as to establish an action plan that works for them. We want to debunk the myth that a job search starts the senior year.”

So what are these services? That’s not a simple answer, because there are so many. Some are designed to help students decide which jobs they want to do after college, while other services are aimed at job and internship search preparation with focuses on resumes, networking, and interview skills.

A major upcoming event is the Aug. 24 Career Boot Camp, which is a one day conference where students can quickly gain skills they need to compete for internships and jobs. Also, Career Week features workshops to help students prepare for the Sept. 25 job fair or the Nov. 6 education job fair.

“The Boot Camp is a great way to connect with successful EIU alums,” said Smith. “But we will be offering a variety of events and workshops throughout the year.”

The office’s website features a full listing of the dozens of events it facilitates throughout the semester; many of them, including the Career Boot Camp, require advance registration, so planning ahead is important. In addition to its online presence, you can also visit Career Services at the Human Services building in room 1301. Office hours are 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. every weekday.

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