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Become a global educator by enriching your educational journey traveling to a fascinatingly diverse and colorful India. As the largest democracy in the world and an emerging leader in new technologies, contemporary India exhibits a mixture of old traditions and modern living. You will experience both as you visit the amazing landmarks such as the Taj Mahal and tour the largest film studio complex in the world.

Classrooms in India will become your window to the education system in India as you interact with students and teachers from two schools in Hyderabad, India. Other exciting adventures that await you include playing a cricket match with school students, watching a Bollywood movie and sampling the amazing variety of Indian cuisine in beautiful and modern settings.

Date of Trip — July 27, 2015 - August 9, 2015.
Cost — Not yet finalized.  Will be around $3800. This includes airfare, local transport, housing, many meals, excursions, all tours (including the Taj Mahal), and school placements. EIU tuition is additional.
Credit Available — Students may register for a minimum of one credit hour and a maximum of four credit hours.

Courses Offered

Course NumberCourse NameCredit Hours
EDF 2555 Diversity of Schools and Societies 3 Credits
ELE 3340* Social Studies Methods 3 Credits
STG 4000* Multicultural/Disability Practicum 1 Credit
EDF 5550** International and Comparative Education 3 Credits
ELE 4741 Independent Study 1-3 Credits
SED 4741
ELE 5990**

* — Must be admitted to teacher education program and have a passing score on the Basic Skills test.

**  Must be a graduate student.

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Faculty Directors

Dr. Kiran Padmaraju

Mrs. Shilpa Maheshwari

Dr. Daniel Carter

Interested? Check out Laura's Blog and Jori's Blog from Summer 2014

Talk to your adviser as soon as possible to make sure your plans are secure. Contact any of the three faculty leaders for the trip: Dr. PadmarajuDr. Carter or Mrs. Maheshwari.

Official Application and Registration

For an application to the India program, click here.

Deadline for application/registration ____ (TBA).

Hard copies of the study abroad forms must be delivered to the Office of Study Abroad (Blair Hall 1207) by ____ (TBA).