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With the new Illinois legislation passage of PA 097-0607, effective July 1, 2012, all candidates enrolled in a program leading to licensure in Illinois must pass all required content tests prior to beginning student teaching or internships.

What this means is that before a student can begin their Field Experience (EDL 6910) course, they must have taken and passed the Illinois State Examination (Test 187 - Superintendent), regardless if applying for the endorsement.

For students who plan to take their Field Experience during the Fall semester, will need to sign up and take the exam and have the results back prior to June 1st of each year.  Students who plan to take their Field Experience during the Spring semester, will need to sign up and take the exam and have the results back prior to October 1st of each year.  Students who plan to take their Field Experience during the Summer semester will need to sign up and take the exam and have the results back prior to March 1st of each year.

Students must register for the exam through the ICTS website.  You may get to the site by going through our webpage here.  Students who do not take the exam or successfully pass the exam cannot complete their Field Experience course until they do so.

Any questions may be directed to our office at 217-581-2919.


What is Field Experience?

The Field Experience course is offered each semester (Spring, Summer and Fall) for students enrolled in the Specialist in Education - Educational Administration program only.  The course is taken near the end of a student's plan of study.

To complete the course during the following semester, the application deadlines are as follows:

          Spring Term          Due in office by July 15 of previous year
                                     (example:  taking course Spring 2014, application is due July 15, 2013)

          Summer Term       Due in office by October 31 of previous year
                                     (example:  taking course Summer 2014, application is due October 31, 2013)

          Fall Term              Due in office by March 15
                                     (example:  taking course Fall 2013, application is due March 15, 2013)

Applications can be mailed or faxed to the department.

Mailing address is:  The Department of Educational Leadership, Eastern Illinois University, 2320 Buzzard Hall, 
                          600 Lincoln Avenue, Charleston, IL  61920

Fax number is:  217-581-6673

The following forms are associated with the EDL 6910 - Field Experience Course.  Click on the links to download forms:

EDL 6910 Field Experience Handbook 

Field Experience Application 

Student Checklist

Demographic Information Form

ISLLC Standards

Field Experience Log Sheet


If you have specific questions related to your Field Experience, please feel free to contact our department at (217) 581-2919.