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Achieving Personal and Academic Growth in Barbados

Reflection Paper by: Cameron Provost

"To start off I would like to say that this trip was a jumping off point for me. I'm not one that will make friends with their teachers, but this was a great way to get to know one another. Since I am new to the econ department this was a good opportunity for me to get to know the teachers outside the classroom. I would suggest this trip to students that are freshmen or sophomores because of the personal relationship that you can build with your teachers. I have been on a lot of trips outside the United States, but this one was different. I got to see a lot about the island that you wouldn't see with a tour guide. What I learned about the Caribbean was how an economy can depend on tourism and how the locals respond to it. Their main source of income is through tourism so locals try to take advantage of that source of revenue and try to open up smaller tourist attraction businesses. I also learned about the effects that the British had on the islands and how the locals have learned and strived without British control."

"I would at least recommend any kind of study abroad trip that is available. Because what I got out of the trip is something you can't get when visiting Canada or Mexico. What I got out of the trip was the experience to travel light and smart, to coexist with other individuals (students), and to make the most out of life. I can't say everyone's experience will be the same, but it is still the experience that counts."

Cameron Provost studies in Barbados

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"This trip has opened me up to a whole new culture. I have been privileged enough to go on a trip to Mexico earlier this year as well as this trip to the Caribbean. I wasn't able to learn much about the economy in Mexico, but I was able to observe it. There are similarities between the two countries but I enjoyed this trip more. I would have to say that class time was one of my favorite activities. It was a different atmosphere than back in Eastern's classrooms. People were able to open up more and actively get involved in class. Outside of class was a great opportunity to explore the island and your fellow classmates a little more. I don't know where my future will take me, but I will always have my memories of this trip wherever I go."