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Song Stage Midwest
Season 2

Song Stage Midwest Season 2 | Friday, Sep. 09, 6:00 pm

NOTE: Special start time of 6:00 p.m.! This is a performance recorded for broadcast. Song Stage Midwest (Season 2) is a new music competition television show similar to The Voice and American Idol. Song Stage contestants are not just singers. They are songwriters. Each contestant must narrow their entire catalogue down to one song, and perform it live. And that song had better be good because each episode pits two of these contestants, and their songs, against each other. Who wins? The live audience decides, on the spot.

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EIU Collage Concert

EIU Collage Concert | Friday, Sep. 23, 7:30 pm

EIU bands, jazz ensembles, choirs, orchestra, percussion ensemble and others gather together to present a great night of music showcasing the EIU Department of Music.

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Herencia de Timbiqui

Herencia de Timbiqui | Tuesday, Oct. 04, 7:30 pm

While Colombia is often synonymous with Cumbia, the music from the Pacific Coast, like that of Herencia de Timbiquí, remains largely unexplored. Herencia de Timbiquí works to preserve the ancestral roots of the marimba de chonta, and traditional instruments such as the bombo, cununos and the guasá and combines them with a powerful band, including energetic vocals, brass, keyboards, and guitar. The currulao ensemble features exceptional hand percussion on drums that resemble West African djembes, beautifully honoring traditional regional music styles. The Afro-descendant Herencia de Timbiquí caught the attention of USAID, and featured the group in a 2014 documentary highlighting not only what the artists represent to the Colombian music scene, but also the social challenges faced on the Colombian Pacific coast where the town of Timbiquí is located.

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