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The Eastern Illinois University Foundation exists for the following purposes:

To encourage and provide private support to Eastern Illinois University, including the region which the University serves, and to promote the ideals of volunteerism and philanthropy among alumni, friends and employees of the University;

To assist and support Eastern Illinois University’s educational and cultural mission through encouraging philanthropic gifts of cash, property and other materials of educational and artistic value.

To enhance the educational activities of Eastern Illinois University students and employees by participating in and supporting academic and artistic programming through scholarships and grants.

H. Michael Finkle


I was the first college graduate in my family. As a result, I was the recipient of a lifetime gift that allowed me to build upon the dreams of my depression era parents and make sure that my own children and grandchildren had and will have the same educational opportunity that I was so fortunate to experience.

Like many others who worked all the way through school while receiving a first -rate education from some of the finest instructors I have ever known. I can still see and hear Bert Holley, Robert Blair, Drs. Plath and Mc Conkey, Rex Syndergaard and Joel Goldfarb each of whom played a key role in my life and the lives of many contemporaries. Each inspired and challenging us to reach, to learn, to grow intellectually and to contribute. They each lived their values.

Today, we together have the opportunity to continue to make a positive difference in the lives of today’s students. Like us, they come to EIU seeking knowledge, intellectual rigor, and values that can advance their own lives and the lives of those they meet along their chosen life path.

Your foundation has come far from its birth back in 1953. Today, we oversee assets exceeding $84.0 million. In FY 2014 the Foundation distributed $1,006,000 in scholarships to 952 EIU students and provided another $1.8 million in grants to the University. Together we will continue to grow our investment in higher education as we assist families and individuals to dream and pursue a more rewarding and meaningful life journey than they might otherwise achieve without our efforts.

It is with both gratitude and determination that the volunteer members of your foundation thank each of you for the roles you have played in our joint efforts dedicating the best that we have to the highest that we can comprehend so that the great American public education experiment can live on and continue to enrich our personal and collective lives. On behalf of the foundation board, members and staff we say thank you!

With best wishes,

H. Michael Finkle
Eastern Illinois University Foundation President
Board of Directors 2016-2017

David M. Glassman


With heartfelt appreciation we say thank you!  Your continued support and generosity are helping our students realize their dreams. Yes, your efforts are providing talented students with scholarships, making it possible for them to actually come to Eastern to study.  But, more importantly, you’re giving them the opportunity to embrace futures only possible with formal education. 

At Eastern, we emphasize hands-on learning through student research, internship and study aboard experiences. Your gifts have expanded these opportunities and opened new doors for students eager to grow academically and personally. Because of you, the vast, exciting world beyond our doorstep is closer than ever and our students are most grateful.  Likewise, our exceptional and highly skilled faculty are conducting research and receiving professional training through grants your support has underwritten. You are making a positive difference across our campus.

As a result of your benevolence, Eastern Illinois University is changing lives for the better.  And because of your example, a future generation is being taught the importance of giving back and becoming a part of something bigger than themselves. Thank you for everything you do!

David M. Glassman
President, Eastern Illinois University