You Create Possibilities



These are the named endowments created by generous individuals, families and organizations whose vision leaves a legacy for generations of students. These endowments provide scholarships, research grants, and enhancements to the educational and cultural programs in support of the University's educational mission. * A star denotes those endowments that will be funded through pledges or planned giving.

Adams, Lynn Karen (nee Broholm) - Memorial Scholarship
Adams, William E. - Memorial Scholarship
Adkins, Gayle Hutton - Scholarship Award Fund
Alegria, Glorivette - Memorial Scholarship
All the World's A Stage Fund
Allhands, Jessie Voigt - Mathematics Scholarship
Alpha Phi Scholarship
Altamont Lions Club/Ernie C. Ballard Scholarship
Alumni & Friends of Soccer Scholarship
American Marketing Assoc Achievement & World Color Press Award
Amos, Dewey H. - Geology Earth Science Award
Anderson, Eulalee & Carlene Pennel Scholarship
Anderson, Eulalee - Fund for International Students
Anderson, Nate - Scholarship Incentive Fund
Anfinson, Dr. Rudolph - Music Speaker Series*
Anfinson, Rudolph D. - Scholarship*
Ankenbrand, Larry J. - Physical Education Scholarship
Apgar, Kalah Ann Rund - Campus Beautification Fund*
Art Studio Endowment
Arzeni, Charles B. - Tropical Biology Fund
Athenaeum Philosophy Scholarship*
Athletic Endowment
Athletic Training Scholarship Fund
Attainment Fund Scholarship
Augustine, Robert & Kathryn - Distinguished Master's Thesis Award
Austin Endowment
Averill, Dr. Valerie S. - Leadership Development Fund
Baharlou, Alan & Carlene - Distinguished Service Award
Bailey, Dr. William - Fund
Bair, Grace T. - Business Scholarship
Balasi, Betty Lou - Scholarship
Baptist, Dwight and Bette (Leckrone) Baptist Scholarship
Barchers, Suzanne Dumville - Writing Excellence Award
Baumgartner, E. H. & E. Z. - Scholarship Fund in the Social Sciences
Bell, I. Roberta - Minority Scholars Endowment
Beta Gamma Sigma Endowment Fund
BKD, LLP Accounting Scholarship
Blackford, Mary June Bland - Nursing Scholarship
Bliss, Robert E. (AKA Sweet Old Bob) Scholarship
Blum, Ivan W. & Mabel Blum Weaver Scholarship
Blumberg, Amy - Collinsville High School Scholarship
Blumberg, Amy - Memorial Scholarship
Boewe, John and Louise - Scholarship
Bonine, Thomas A. - Rainbow of Hope Fund
Booth Library Enhancement Fund
Botany Undergraduate Fund
Boyd, Dr. Earl - Band Scholarship
Braden, Stan, Dee & Meagan - Scholarship
Brandenberg, Ruth E. - Memorial Scholarship
Brankey Scholarship
Briggs, Alexander - Scholarship Award
Briggs, Margaret - Mathematics Scholarship
Broadcast Journalism Scholarship
Brown, William Gene & Brigitte Johanna - Scholarship
Bryden, Ewen "Lefty" - Award
BSGSA Scholar Award
Bubeck, Balsaar & Ruth - Scholarship
Buffenmeyer Friend Scholarship
Bunge, Dorothy Davis - Scholarship
Burgner Memorial Scholarship
Burke Family Scholarship
Business & Education Scholarship
Butler, Dr. Bill - Physics Scholarship
Buzzard, Irene Couchman - Scholarship
Buzzard, Robert - Memorial Scholarship in Geography
Buzzard, Robert G. - Presidential Memorial Scholarship
Campbell, Stanley & Frances - Memorial Scholarship
Cara, Anam - Scholarship
Carman, Ruth - Scholarship
Carpenters Local #347 Scholarship
Cassity Industrial & Applied Mathematics Fund
Caterpillar Homeland Security Scholarship
Catey, William H. & Waneta Sedgwick Catey Scholarship
Cavins, Dr. Harold M. & Alice D. - Scholarship
CEPS Academic Excellence Fund
Charleston Business & Professional Women Scholarship
Charleston High School Class of 1958 Scholarship
Charlesworth, Edith White - Library Fund
Chron, Michael - Women's Basketball Athlete Scholarship*
Church, Phoebe and Mike - Scholarship
Clark, Charles & Barbara - Elementary Education Scholarship
Clark, Martha E. & Vernice E. Clark Memorial Scholarship
Clay-Mendez, Dr. Luis F., Scholarship
Clay/Richland Scholarship
Coach Baker Memorial Award
Coartney, Mary Jane - Memorial Creative Writing Scholarship
Coffey Jr., Kenneth E. - Scholarship
Coffey, John P. - Veterans Scholarship
Cole, Ronnie, Maxine & Jerry - Family Nursing Scholarship*
Coleman, Charles H. & Dorothee - Scholarship
Coles, Marilyn Joy - Music Study Abroad Scholarship
Coles/Douglas Scholarship
College of Arts & Humanities Welcome Fund
College of Sciences Distinguished Service Award
College of Sciences Ringenberg Award
Compo, Camille - Women's Studies Speaker Series
Compton, Charles E. & Ferne Tingley Compton- Botany Scholarship
Connelly, Donna Lynn - Memorial Scholarship
Connelly, James E. & Joseph T. - Scholarship
Connor James Flynn Children's Diagnostic Equipment Fund
Cook, Carolyn Shores & Allyn Cook Memorial Scholarship
Cook, Ruth C. Boyd - Memorial Award
Cooley Family Scholarship
Coon, David - Memorial Scholarship
Coon, Rose Marie - CDS Scholarship
Coon, Stephen Alan - Memorial Scholarship
Corley, Edward "Mac" & Barbara - Undergraduate Economics Scholarship
COS Advisory Board Scholarship
Cottingham, Mary Coon - Scholarship
Countryman, Calvin - Memorial Award
Covi, Joseph & Cecilia - Scholarship
Cox, Sarah Wozencraft - Art Award Scholarship
Coyle, Carol Schnick - Elementary Teacher Education Scholarship
Crane Center for Creative & Innovative Leadership in Education Fund*
Crane, William J. & Mathiel B. - Scholarship Endowment
Crouse, Joyce S. - Family & Consumer Sciences Scholarship
Crouse, Richard L. - Scholarship in Spanish
Cunningham, George L. - Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Currey, John & Katharine England - Scholarship
Curry, Julie - Political Science Leadership Fund
Curtis, Gerald F. and Anne E. - Memorial Scholarship
Cutright, Ellen - Decker Scholarship
Cutright, Neil - Memorial Scholarship
Daddazio, Amelia - Women's Studies Fund
Damann, Dr. Kenneth E. - Botany Speaker Series *
Damann, Kenneth E. & Donelda A. - Award
Danneberger Art Fund
Davies, Lee Ann - Scholarship
Dean's Award for the Outstanding Business Student
DEAN's Ecological Sciences Scholarship
DeBolt '62, Robert - Technology Scholarship
Delaney, Sally Bohs - Scholarship
Denton, Gretchen Sue - Scholarship
DiBianco, Doug - Pride Scholarship
Dickerson, Earl S. - Award
DiPietro Memorial Mathematics Education Scholarship
Distinguished Faculty Award
Dively, John & Joyce - Education Leadership Scholarship
Dolson, E. E. (Gene) - Fund for Mathematics Education
Dotzauer, Donald - Scholarship *
Dougherty, Eunice W. - Scholarship
Downing, Betty Wright - Award
Drew, Roseann Watkins - Research Award in Early Childhood Education
Drury, Thomas R. - Scholarship
Dudley, G. B. - Scholarship
Dulgar Math Graduate Assistance Scholarship
Dulgar, Lee E. & Fay C. Dulgar - Mathematics Scholarship
Duncan, Ray C. & Evelyn B. - Teaching Scholarship
Dunn, Gerald W. & Vivian L. Dunn - Fund For Education Administration
Dunn, Joe - Memorial Scholarship
Durham, Leonard & Olga - Environmental Biology Fund
Durkin, Mary (Wohlrabe) - Agency Scholarship
Dvorak, Leo J. - Scholarship
Dyrhaug, Patricia Ann - Women's Basketball Fund*
Early Childhood, Elementary and Middle Level Education Student Professional Travel Award
Economics Alumni Scholarship
Edgar County EIU Alumni Scholarship
Edgar County Lord Scholarship
Edgar Speaker Series
Edgar, Brenda - Scholarship for Women
Education Financing Foundation of California Scholarship
Education Scholars Award
Ehrsam, Roy E. - Scholarship
EI&U Leadership Fund
EIU Accountancy Advisory Board Endowment Fund
EIU Annuitants Association Scholarship
EIU Classical Music Artist Series Fund
EIU Commitment to Excellence Scholarship
Elementary & Middle Level Education Creative Activity Fund
Elliott, Charles A. - School of Technology Award
Elliott, Lois E. - School of Technology Scholarship
Elliott, Thomas L. - Scholarship
Embarras Valley Quail Unlimited
Endowed Program Assistants of the Tarble Arts Center
English Alumni Scholarship
English Alumni Visiting Scholar Lecture Series
English Faculty Development Fund
Enochs, Richard G. - Scholarship
Ernst, Dr. Garry E. & Janet E. - Endowment*
Esbeck, Ruth Miller - Scholarship
Esther Brothers Elmore Memorial Scholarship
Ethell, Judy - Faculty Excellence Fund*
Ethell, Judy - Memorial Fund
Evans, Mark "Atwood" - Memorial Art Scholarship
Excellence in Fine Arts Endowment
Faith, Sherri L. - Continuing Education Scholarship *
Family & Consumer Sciences Elderhostel Scholarship
Felstehausen-Boldrey Excellence in Career Occupations Fund
Fildes, Harold Dean - Scholarship
Finance Opportunity Fund
Finkle, H. Michael - Finance Endowment
First Mid-Illinois Bancshares Student Entrepreneurship Opportunity Fund
Fischer, Raymond & Carolyn Miller Fischer - Graduate Scholarship in English*
Fischer, Raymond L. & Carolyn Miller Fischer - Graduate Scholarship in Communication Studies*
Fischer, Raymond L. & Carolyn Miller Fischer Scholarship
Forbes, Carolyn A. - Centennial Scholarship
Foundation Operations Endowment
Fox, Commander Richard A. - Business Enhancement Fund
Frank, Anne - Award Sponsored by Herb & Jane Lasky
Franklin, Dr. Elizabeth A. - Music Fund
Friends of Lake Mattoon Fund
Frommel, Ann - Memorial Scholarship
Frost, Harry - Chemistry Scholarship
Fund for Excellence in Family & Consumer Sciences
Gabbard, Glendon - Theatre Arts Scholarship
Gabbard, Lucina Paquet - English Scholarship
Gaertner, Ruth - Scholarship
Garner, Donald P. & Suellyn Lindsey Garner Scholarship
Gaskill, Mary L. Carrico - Scholarship
Gerdt, Gary A. & Marilyn J. - Memorial Scholarship
Gher, Don & Mary (Hartke) Gher - Scholarship
Gholson, Ronald E. - Endowed Faculty and Student Service Award
Giffin, Elsie & Erson - Scholarship
Giffin, Gina - Scholarship
Giffin, Jim & June - Scholarship
Giffin, Jon & Diana - Geologist Scholarship
Glover, Robert F. - Student Leadership Scholarship
Gould Writing Award in Evolutionary Biology
Gover, Timothy & Clifford Fagan Scholarship
Grado, Dr. Louis - Scholarship in Education & Service
Gray, Sara Johnston - Endowment
Greathouse, Lillian R. - Scholarship
Gregg, Vergil V. - Memorial Scholarship
Griffin, Marjorie Ingram - Scholarship
Griffiths, Dr. Robert H. - Memorial Scholarship
Grissom, Steven & Teresa - Donor Cultivation Fund
Groves, William H. - Memorial Award
Grud, Thomas Anthony - Memorial Scholarship
Guckert, Dr. John - Scholarship Fund
Gutowski, Vincent P. and Pamela R. - Fund
Hadwiger, Kenneth E. - Foreign Cultures Award
Hadwiger, Kenneth E. - PhD Graduate Scholarship
Hadwiger, Kenneth E. - PhD Scholarship
Halbert - Edwards, Liz - Memorial Scholarship
Hall, Ryland - Fund
Hamand, Martha T. & Lavern M. - Memorial Scholarship
Hamilton, Alexander - Paper Award in American History Sponsored by Herb & Jane Lasky
Hampton, Frances Meyer - Graduate Scholarship
Hanks, Jim & Bess Townsend Hanks Scholarship
Hanner Teaching Excellence Award*
Hansen, Dorothy E. & DuWayne - Music Scholarship
HAPA Joy Matthiessen Memorial Scholarship
Harlaxton Manor Study Abroad Scholarship
Harris, Dr. Morton B. & Mary F. - Scholarship*
Harris, Ruby M. - Scholarship
Harris, Stephen L. - Business Scholarship
Harry J. Merigis Memorial Education Fund
Hart, Dorothy - Lounge Fund
Hart, Dorothy M. - Library Fund
Hart, Dorothy M. - Memorial Scholarship
Hatfield, Jack K. & Marge - Scholarship
Hawkes, Flora Saxby - Memorial Scholarship
Hawkins, Betty J. - English Scholarship
Heath, Dr. & Mrs. Jerry - Sports Medicine Scholarship
Hegarty, Melinda Clancy - Memorial Travel Fund
Heise, Bryan & Adra - Elementary Education Scholarship
Helen Riley Scholarship
Heller, Hobart F. - Scholarship
Helsel, Drs. Christine and Larry - Public Relations Scholarship
Helstley, Rory & Gail Steidl Helstley - Scholarship
Helwig, Carol - Award
Hencken, Lou & Mary Kay - Scholarship
Hencken, Louis V. - Housing Services Scholarship
Henderson, Obed & JoAnn - Music Scholarship
Henn, Nancy E. - Memorial Scholarship
Hennings History Fund
Hennings, Nancy - Memorial Poetry Reading Fund
Hennings, Robert - Historical Administration Scholarship
Hesler, Glen - Memorial Fund
Hibbs, Roger F. - Memorial Chemistry Scholarship
Higelmire, William & Melissa - Department of Recreation Administration Student of the Year Award
Higgins, Thomas A. & Gail M. - Scholarship
Hill, Dr. Barbara - Memorial Scholarship
Hlavek, Rudolph G. & Kathryn E. Hlavek Scholarship
Hobbs, W. David - Piano Scholarship
Hoedebecke, Bertha G. - Scholarship in Memory of George A. Gewe
Hoehn, Thomas & David - Campus Landscape Improvement Fund*
Hoehn, Tom & Deane - Elementary Education Leadership Scholarship*
Hoehn, Tom & Deane - Student Teaching Scholarship*
Hoene, Frances - Memorial Scholarship
Hoffman, Ernest & Janis - Family Scholarship
Holley, Bert & Janet - Scholarship
Holley, Bertrand P. - Distinguished Professorship
Hollister, Charles A. - Pre-law Award
Hollowell MD, Mack W. - Fund for Scientific Equipment
Hollowell, Margaret C. - Scholarship for Graduate Studies
Hoopman Endowment
Hopkins, Jon J. - Memorial Speech Education Scholarship
Horak, Stephen M. - Memorial Scholarship
Howell, Forrest W. - Scholarship in Public Administration
Hubbard, Eileen F. - Scholarship
Hubele, Glen E. - Graduate Assistantship
Huber, Charles & Elizabeth - Education Scholarship
Hudgins, Debbie Kroening - Memorial Scholarship
Hummel, Richard & Kathy - Sociology-Anthropology Scholarship
Hunt Environmental Biology Award
Hunt, Dr. Lawrence and Shirley - Memorial Scholarship
Hurst, Brian - Model Illinois Government Fund
Hussey, Robert W. and Laura M. - Scholarship
Hutchason, Nell C. - Scholarship
Hutson, Johnny and Glynis
Icen, Richard - Fourth Estate Award
Illinois Broadcasters Association Scholarship
International Business Fund
Ivarie, Theodore W. - Leadership & Innovation Fund
Jackson, Dr. Ann E. - Catholic Scholars Program Scholarship
Jackson, Genelle Voigt - English Scholarship
Jacques, Richard - Rubber Chicken Fund
Jaenike, Vaughn & Ruth - Access to the Arts Award
James, Lori - Memorial Scholarship
Jeffris, Ronald & Myra - Music Excellence Scholarship
Jeffris, Ronald & Myra - Scholarship Fund
Johnson, Bette L. - Scholarship
Johnson, Dean James E. - Scholarship
Johnson, Dorothe L. - Memorial Scholarship
Johnson, James K. & Wanda L. - Fund for the Arts and Humanities
Joley, Charles L. & Kathryn - Dean's Scholarship in Education
Jones, James - Fund for the Study of the Experience of War in History, Literature, Theatre, Film and Music
Jones, Johnetta - Scholarship
Jorns, David & Audrey - Business Scholarship Fund
Jorns, David & Audrey - Directing Theory for the Theatre Award
Kaplan, Florence - Foundation Endowment
Kappa Mu Epsilon Calculus Award
Karbassioon, Ebrahim & Donna - Graduate Economics Scholarship
Karner, Kris Beedy - Scholarship
Karraker Chemistry Scholarship
Keiter, Richard L. & Ellen A. Keiter Undergraduate Research Fellowship
Keller Family Scholarship Fund
Kelley, John - Scholarship
Kelly, J. Y. - Scholarship Endowment
Kelly, Jack Robert - Scholarship
Kennard, Stephen Wayne - Memorial Scholarship
Kensil, John & Mary - Delta Chi Scholarship
Khan, Belayet - Geography Scholarship
Kinderman, Jesusa Valdez - Scholarship
King Jr., Martin Luther - Scholarship
King, Bobbie - Memorial Scholarship
King-Mertz, Nancy - Research/Creative Activity Awards
Klehm, Dr. & Mrs. Walter A. - School of Technology Award Fund
Kline, Judd W. - Memorial Scholarship
Knell, Brad C. - Pre-Law Scholarship*
Knezovich, Rosemary Bevis - Scholarship
Kniskern, Verne B. & Edna M. - Scholarship in Life Sciences
Knollenberg, Dr. Robert - Chemistry Fund
Koerner, Jr. ,Carl P. - Memorial Scholarship
Kohanzo, Kenneth & Keith - Industrial Technology Scholarship
Komes, Linda Witt - Language for Literacy Scholarship
Krehbiel, Eugene B. - Scholarship
Krehbiel, Helen J. - Music Education Scholarship
Krukenberg, Claire E. - Memorial Scholarship
Krutza, June - Art Scholarship
Kuhl Family Scholarship*
Kull, Max and Ellie - Communication Disorders and Sciences Scholarship*
Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity Founders Scholarship
Lambda Chi Alpha Scholastic Incentive Scholarship
Lanham, Violet D. - Memorial Fund
Lantz, Charles P. & Mary E. - Scholarship
Larson, Richard H. - Athletic Training Scholarship
Lasky, Dr. Herbert - Undergraduate Seminar in the Early National History of the United States
Lasky, Herb - AHS Scholarship
LeDuc, John - Mathematics Education Teaching Practicum Award Fund
Leeds, Lottie Leach - Scholarship
Lefler, Glenn Q. & Mary Staley - Memorial Fund
Lefler, Glenn Q. - Physics Scholarship
Leggitt, Dorothy - Archival & Genealogical Center Fund
Leitch, Sarah Adams - Elementary Education Scholarship
Lenihan, Genie - Graduate Fellowship in Clinical Psychology
Lenihan, Patrick - Graduate Fellowship in Economics
Levi, Richard H. - Student Success Fund
LGBTQA Alumni Scholarship
Lily, Abby and Nate Fund*
Lincoln, Florence, & Bonita Woodyard Education Scholarship
Lord, Livingston C. - Scholarship
Lowell, Margaret & Walter - Voluntary Service Scholarship
Lumpkin Distinguished Professorship Fund
Lumpkin Foundation Endowment Enhancement College of Business
Lundgren, Terry & Carol - Scholarship*
Luther, John M. - Scholarship
Lynch Lecture Series
Lynch, Robert Thomas, Virginia Gwin Lynch & Robert William Unger Scholarship
MacGilvray Family Scholarship
Maharg, John N. - Vocal Music Scholarship
Management Opportunity Fund
Mangin, Thomas J. and Patrick J. - Endowment
Manhart, Carol - Scholarship Endowment
Manion, Charles Gifford - Memorial Scholarship
Marker, Dorothy and Harold - Fund*
Markowski, Patricia Stal - Science Scholarship
Markwell, William & Anna Crystal - Memorial Fund
Marley, Edward W. - Engineering Scholarship*
Martin Distance Running Scholarship*
Martin, Ron & Carol Jean (McHenry) Martin Communication and Theatre Scholarship
Marvin Jr., Daniel E. - WEIU Scholarship
Mason, Gail and Tim - Scholarship
Mathematics Alumni Scholarship
Mathematics Problem Solving Contest
Maurer, David & Joyce - Scholarship in Historical Administration*
May Award of Excellence
May, Edwin "Bud" - Award of Excellence in Funded Research
McAfee, Florence - Scholarship
McClay, Mary Bear - Graduate Assistantship
McColl, Frances W. - Scholarship
McConkey, Glenn A. - Scholarship
McCoy Family Scholarship
McCullough, Terry - Community Press Scholarship
McDivitt, Gene & Dee (Carpenter) McDivitt Accounting Scholarship
McDonald, Walter H. & Dorothea V. - Scholarship
McFarland, Dolly J. & H. Gene - Kinesiology & Sports Studies Scholarship
McGinnis, Ralph Y. - Scholarship
McGown, W. P. - Award Fund
McKenna Secondary Education Scholarship
McKinney, Isabel - Scholarship
McKinney, Sean R. - Memorial Scholarship
McMahan, Miriam Bland - Early Childhood Education Scholarship
McNabb-Dow Graduate Scholarship
McNamara, Shannon - Outstanding Physical Education Club Scholarship
McPherson, Natalie - Economics Scholarship*
Medina, Karen D. - BGS Leadership Scholarship
Melvin, Gary & Tess - International Study Fund
Melvin, Gary & Tess - Nursing Program Development Fund
Messer Family Scholarship
Meyerholtz, Roy & Patricia - Education Scholarship*
Middlesworth, Hal - Student Publications Alumni Scholarship
Miller, Iva P. - Special Education Memorial Scholarship
Miller, Louise C. - Music Scholarship
MIS Opportunity Fund
Mito, Carl & Marion - Excellence in Finance Endowment Fund
Modesitt, Raymond L. - Mathematics Scholarship
Modglin, Carolyn Kluesner - Memorial Scholarship
Moler, Donald L. and Margaret A. - Memorial Scholarship
Moler-Austin Scholarship
Montgomery, Bruce White - Memorial Award Graphics/Journalism
Moore, John Thompson - Scholarship
Moore, Mary K. - Early Childhood Education Fund
Moore, Neil & Shirley - Men's Track Endowment
Morris Family Endowment in Booth Library
Morris Family Endowment in English
Muchmore Family Theatre Scholarship
Murad, Ahmad - Scholarship
Murphy, David R. & S. Lynn - Psychology Scholarship
Murray, Louise - Award for Children's Literature
Myerscough, Brian & Trina - Chad Pfeffinger Sigma Pi Service Award
Nanda, S. L. - Mathematics & Science Scholarship
Neal Welcome Center Endowment Fund
Neely, Winnie Davis - Scholarship
Neff, Allen - Fund
Nelson, Hope Brown - Elementary Education Student Teaching Scholarship
Nettleton, Michael D. - Leadership Award
Neville, Kelly L. - Early Childhood Memorial Scholarship
New and Emerging Artists Series
Nichols, Lawrence & Emily - Memorial Award
Nilsen Graduate Research Presentation Award
Nimmons Family Scholarship
Norberg, Dr. Janet L. - Scholarship
Norton, Ona - Scholarship
O'Brien, Maynard "Pat" - Memorial Award
O'Brien, Sue - Scholarship
O'Brient, Estelle Ruth - Memorial Scholarship
Oberoi, Judge & Usha - Scholarship
Ochs, Clinton R. - Memorial Scholarship
Oglesby Family Scholarship*
Oglesby, J. W. & Marilyn - Scholarship
Old Main Memorial Academic Scholarship & Award
Olsen, Hans C. - Scholarship
Orndoff/LeDuc Scholarship *
Ortiz-Muniz, Geraldina - Spanish Scholarship*
Outstanding First Year Political Science Student Scholarship
Ozier Child & Family Award
Paddock Teacher Education Scholarship
Padovan, Ray "Swim Early to Swim Fast" Swimming Athletic Scholarship
Pankau, Dr Joseph W. - Scholarship In Health Studies
Parents' Club Scholarship
Pauley, John "Smoke" & Mary Frances Pauley Scholarship in Industrial Technology
Payan, Jack L. - Scholarship
Pence, J. Robert - Memorial Scholarship
Pennybacker, Alice Groff - Secondary Education Scholarship
Perry, President William L. and Linda S. Perry - Scholarship
Phi Beta Kappa Scholarship
Phillips, Minnie Alice - Scholarship
Phipps, Harris E. - Chemistry Scholarship
Pierotti, Paul D. - Memorial Scholarship
Pine, Sandra and Jack - Scholarship Program
Political Science Graduate Scholarship
Political Science Honors Scholarship
Political Science Outstanding Senior Scholarship
Pollard, Frances - Library Endowment
Preisser, George - Memorial Scholarship
President Doudna Memorial Scholarship
President Phi Alpha Eta Scholarship
President's Award
President's Fund for Research & Creative Activity
Presidential Scholars Award Fund
Preston, Dr. Fred and Sara Jane - Award in Nursing
Price, Dr. Dalias - Memorial Weather Fund
Price, Dr. James D. - Delta Chi School of Technology Scholarship
Price, John & Mary - Scholarship
Pringle, Robert A. - Memorial Scholarship
Professor Dean Dudley Faculty Fund
Public Policy Institute
Ranes, Rodney - Graduate Faculty Mentor Award
Rawls, Hugh C. - Award
Redden, John S. & Margaret - Undergraduate Instruction Fund
Reed, Cyril D. - Mathematics Scholarship
Reed, John David - News Editorial Journalism Scholarship
Reetz, Jan - Scholarship*
Reid Jr. , William B. - History Education Scholarship
Reinhardt, Emma - Scholarship
Riccio, Barry D. - History Fund
Richardson, Rachael - Scholarship
Rinefort, Foster C. - Scholarship
Ringenberg, Lawrence A. - Scholarship
Riordan, William G. - Scholarship
Rives, Stan & Sandy - Margin of Excellence
Roberson Business Scholarship
Roberts, Barbara Rennels - Scholarship*
Roberts, Dr. John L. - Scholarship in Management*
Roberts, Dr. John L. - Scholarship in Middle Education*
Roberts, Jim, Tom, & Robin - Scholarship
Robertson, Christine Reid and Maura A. Robertson Graduate Scholarship
Robertson, Gary J. - Endowment for English Honors*
Rogers, Don & Ferne & Daughters Scholarship
Rohn Family Scholarship in Educational Administration
Ronchetti, Betty - Art Acquisition Fund
Rooke, Jerry - Accountancy Scholarship
Roosevelt, Rodney W. PhD - Psychology Research Fund *
Ross, Dr. J. Glenn - Scholarship
Rothschild, Donald A. & Marie - Award
Rundle, Al & Vesta - Scholarship
Sain, A. Roberta - Nursing Scholarship
Sanders, Bud and Jo - Scholarship
Sardella Family Elementary Education Scholarship
Sardella Family Nurse Incentive Scholarship
Sardella, David - Incentive Track Scholarship
Sargent, Paul Turner - Scholarship
Saundrs, James A. - Scholarship
Savoree, Kevin & Pam - Scholarship
Schaaf, Lella Cox - College Student Affairs Fund
Schahrer, Martin O. - Scholarship
Schlauch, Wolfgang & Barbara - European History Scholarship
Schmalhausen, Ruth & Ansel - Scholarship
Schmeusser, Omar Carl - Memorial Scholarship
Schmidt, Margaret S. - Memorial Scholarship
Schmitt, John D. - Scholarship
School of Continuing Education Alumni Endowment
School of Family & Consumer Sciences Advisory Council Endowment Fund
School of Technology Future Fund
Schuster, Eric - Scholarship
Scott, Jeffrey G. and Lila M. - Scholarship
Scott, Michael A. - Memorial Fund
Scruggs, Walter Merritt - Scholarship
Security Analysis Center Enhancement Fund
Seiler, Reverend Joseph E. & Mrs Gloria S. Seiler Elementary Education Scholarship
Sellers, John F. - Memorial Music Scholarship
Seltzer, Eileen & Reuben - Scholarship for Adult Learners
Sexton, Carl - Memorial Scholarship
Seymour, Gene - Memorial Scholarship
Shah, Mrs. Pratima Niranjan - Scholarship
Shaw, Charles C. - Scholarship
Sherman, Edward O. - Memorial Fund
Sigma Alpha Iota Scholarship
Simmons, Mr. & Mrs. William Craig - Scholarship
Singh, Man - Memorial MBA Scholarship
Smith, P. Scott - Scholarship
Smith, Richard - Botany Department Incentive Fund
Smith, William A. - Scholarship in Recreation Administration
Smyser, Robert 'Dink' - Golf Scholarship
Snearley, Marilyn - Memorial Scholarship
Snyder, Paul and Katherine - Faculty Development Fund
Snyder, Paul and Katherine - Scholarship
Sociology-Anthropology Alumni Scholarship
Sockley, Harry & Beulah - Football Scholarship
Solis, Gerardo J. - Latino/Latina Scholarship
Sorensen, C. Roger - "Completion of Degree" Scholarship
Sorensen, C. Roger - Business Scholarship
Sorensen, C. Roger - Golf Scholarship
Sorensen, C. Roger - Supplemental Instruction Program Endowment*
Sorensen, C. Roger - Tennis Scholarship
Spaniol, Bill -Memorial Scholarship
Sparks, Irvin L. - Memorial Scholarship
Specht, Carol - Memorial Scholarship
Spice Entrepreneurship Fund
Staff Partnership Scholarship
Stapp, Kate Booker - Scholarship
Stapp, Rachel - Teaching Scholarship
Steele, Sidney R. - Graduate Student Summer Award
Stephenson, Cole, Walter & Lola - Scholarship
Sterling, Robert & Julie - History Scholarship
Stiff, Cindra Ward - Professional Business Scholarship*
Stockman, Verne - Graduate Scholarship in Education Technology
Stone, Sandra Boll & Paul L. - Scholarship
Stoner, Sue B. - Scholarship
Stover, Ernest L. - Scholarship
Strandberg, Kate & Cliff - Study Abroad in Sweden Scholarship
Strategic Capital Management Inc. Scholarship
Struebing, Ryan - Distinguished Graduate Student Award
Student Art Gallery Fund
Student Success Center Fund
Sullivan, Gerald - Memorial Scholarship
Sullivan, Robert N. & Barbara V. - Scholarship
Sundheim, Donald & Pam - Study Abroad Scholarship
Switzer, Charles - Memorial Scholarship
Swope, Mary Ruth - Fund for Excellence in Home Economics
Syndergaard, Dr. P. Rex - Scholarship
Taitt, Dr. Henry A. Taitt Physics Scholarship
Taitt, Dr. Nancy P. - Mathematics Scholarship
Tanner, David Frank/Ronald Eugene Gholson Endowed Fund Celebrating the
Tarble Arts Center Endowment
Tarble Arts Center Touring Exhibition Expansion
Taylor, Donald & Lucille - Memorial Scholarship
Taylor, Edson H. - Scholarship
Taylor, L. Joyce - Student Teaching Scholarship
Taylor, Pete - Trombone Scholarship
Taylor, Sue (Archibald) and Randy - Endowed Chair in Education
Taylor, Sue (Archibald) and Randy - MBA Scholarship
Taylor, Sue (Archibald) and Randy - Scholarship in Education
Teachers College/Eastern State High School Alumni Scholarship
Technology Alumni Scholarship
Thi-wu, Wang - Scholarship Endowment
Thornburgh Journalism Scholar
Thut, H. F. - Award
Tiffany Research Fund in Botany
Timmons, Mildred Grush - Art Acquisition Fund
Tingley, Jeanne & Donald - Memorial Scholarship
Toussaint, Pierre - Journalism Scholarship
Tredennick, Christopher E. - Memorial Scholarship
Trimble, Ruby - Memorial Scholarship
Tym, Dr. William B. - Scholarship
Uebner, Lawrence & Carol (Hebenstreit) Uebner Business Scholarship
United Graphics Scholarship
Vala, Wesley J. - Student Athlete Scholarship
Vaupel, Mary Cralley - Endowment
Vogel Freshman Mathematics Award
Volleyball Alumni Scholarship
Waddell, Robert & Leyla Peck Waddell Physics Prize
Waffle, Benjamin Weir-Eugene - Journalism Scholarship
Wagner, Herman and Hazel - Endowment Fund
Wagner, Louise Inman & Mary Elizabeth Inman Kessler Faculty Fund for Continuing Education
Walden, Dorothy E. - Short Term Study Abroad Scholarship
Walden, Gladys & Keith - Scholarship
Wall, Lida G. - Faculty Research Mentor Award
Walters, John & Bina Jo - Music Scholarship
Walters, Murray & Sallie - Memorial Scholarship
Ward, Paul - Memorial Scholarship
Warner, Errett & Mazie - Presidential Awards
Warner, Robert A. - Scholarship
Waskom, Lou Ann & Tom - Scholarship
Watson Memorial Scholarship in Memory of Dallas, Hazel, and Leland Watson
Wayne Thurman Communication Disorders and Sciences Fund
Webb, Dr. Robert & Lourdine - Piano Scholarship
Webb, Marion Railsback - Foreign Language Scholarship
Weber, William V. - Minority Affairs/Trio Extra Retention Fund
Weber, William V. - Study Abroad Assistance Fund
Weiss, Miranda Rice - Art History Scholarship
Weller, Annie L - Scholarship in Geography
Weller, Annie L. - Scholarship
Westcott, George S. - Band Award
Wharton, Dr. Robert V. - Scholarship
Whisnand, John L. - Scholarship
White, Lewis T. - Memorial Scholarship
Whiteside, Wesley - Botanical Gardens Fund
Whittenbarger, Robert & Luz - Scholarship
Widger, Howard DeForest - Scholarship
Williams, Glenn & Joan - Women's Basketball Coach Endowment
Williams, Joan & Glenn D. - Women's Athletic Scholarship Endowment
Wilson Neuroscience Fund*
Wilson, Ronald A. - Scholarship
Wilson, Roy K. - Excellence in Public Relations & Journalism Scholarship
Winkleblack Family Fund
Winkleblack, Robert & Norma - Scholarship
Wise, Richard L.- Lester B. Stoner Scholarship in Geography
Witters, Charles W. - Tau Kappa Epsilon Class of 1968 Scholarship
Witters, Robert Edwin - Scholarship
Woodall, Thomas - Scholarship
Woods, Jennifer - Memorial Scholarship
Woodyard, Lincoln J. & Florence M. - Accounting Scholarship
Wootton, Dr. Bill - Accounting Excellence Scholarship
Working Student Scholarship
Wozencraft Jr., John George - Memorial Scholarship
Wozencraft, Dr. Marian - Flower Fund
Wozencraft, Marian Leitch - Scholarship
Wright, Brad - Memorial Scholarship
York, Troyt - Memorial Scholarship in Geography & Earth Science
Yost, Jeremy & Amanda - Fund for Athletics*
Younger, Jacobs, Charles & Mariann Dana - Scholarship
Zabka, Dr. Robert - Special Education Scholarship
Zeller, Rose - Excellence in Research Award
Zhang, Li - Memorial Scholarship