You Create Possibilities


Adams, Lynn Karen (nee Broholm) - Memorial Scholarship
Adams, William E. - Memorial Scholarship
Adkins, Gayle Hutton - Scholarship Award Fund
Albrecht-Tyler Education Professional Development Fund
Alexander Hamilton Paper Award in American History Sponsored by Herb & Jane Lasky
All the World's A Stage Fund
Allhands, Jessie Voigt - Mathematics Scholarship
Alpha Phi Scholarship
Altamont Lions Club/Ernie C. Ballard Scholarship
Alumni & Friends of Soccer Scholarship
American Marketing Assoc Achievement & World Color Press Award
Amos, Dewey H. - Geology Earth Science Award
Anderson, Eulalee & Carlene Pennel Scholarship
Anderson, Eulalee - Fund for International Students
Anderson, Nate - Scholarship Incentive Fund
Anfinson, Rudolph D. - Scholarship
Ankenbrand, Larry J. - Physical Education Scholarship
Anne Frank Award Sponsored by Herb & Jane Lasky
Apgar, Kalah Ann Rund - Campus Beautification Fund*
Art Studio Endowment
Arzeni, Charles B. - Tropical Biology Fund
Athenaeum Philosophy Scholarship*
Athletic Endowment
Athletic Training Scholarship Fund
Attainment Fund Scholarship
Augustine, Robert & Kathryn - Distinguished Master's Thesis Award
Austin Endowment
Averill, Dr. Valerie S. - Leadership Development Fund
Award, Cook, Ruth C. Boyd - Memorial
Award, Countryman, Calvin - Memorial
Baharlou, Alan & Carlene - Distinguished Service Award
Bailey, Dr. William - Fund
Balasi, Betty Lou - Scholarship
Baptist, Dwight and Bette (Leckrone) Baptist - Scholarship
Baumgartner, E. H. & E. Z. - Scholarship Fund in the Social Sciences
Bell, I. Roberta - Minority Scholars Endowment
Beta Gamma Sigma Endowment Fund
BKD, LLP Accounting Scholarship
Blackford, Mary June Bland - Nursing Scholarship
Bliss, Robert E. (AKA Sweet Old Bob) - Scholarship
Blumberg, Amy - Collinsville High School Scholarship
Blumberg, Amy - Memorial Scholarship
Boewe, John and Louise - Scholarship
Bonine, Thomas A. - Rainbow of Hope Fund
Booth Library Enhancement Fund
Botany Undergraduate Fund
Bouchard, Ronald A. - Management Scholarship
Boyd, Dr. Earl - Band Scholarship
Brandenberg, Ruth E. - Memorial Scholarship
Brankey Scholarship
Briggs, Alexander - Scholarship Award
Briggs, Margaret - Mathematics Scholarship
Broadcast Journalism Scholarship
Brown,William Gene & Brigitte Johanna Brown Scholarship
Bryden, Ewen "Lefty" - Award
BSGSA Scholar Award
Bubeck, Balsaar & Ruth - Scholarship
Buffenmeyer Friend Scholarship
Bunge, Dorothy Davis - Scholarship
Burgner Memorial Scholarship
Burke Family Scholarship
Business & Education Scholarship
Butler, Dr. Bill - Physics Scholarship
Buzzard, Irene Couchman - Scholarship
Buzzard, Robert - Memorial Scholarship in Geography
Buzzard, Robert G. - Presidential Memorial Scholarship
Campbell, Stanley & Frances - Memorial Scholarship
Cara, Anam - Scholarship
Carman, Ruth - Scholarship
Carpenters Local #347 Scholarship
Cassity Industrial & Applied Mathematics Fund
Caterpillar Homeland Security Scholarship
Catey, William H. & Waneta Sedgwick Catey Scholarship
Cavins, Dr. Harold M. & Alice D. - Scholarship
CEPS Academic Excellence Fund
Charleston Business & Professional Women Scholarship
Charleston High School Class of 1958 Scholarship
Charlesworth, Edith White - Library Fund
Chron, Michael - Women's Basketball Athlete Scholarship*
Church, Phoebe and Mike - Scholarship
Clay/Richland Scholarship
Coach Baker Memorial Award
Coffey, John P. - Veterans Scholarship
Coles/Douglas Scholarship
College of Arts & Humanities Welcome Fund
College of Sciences Distinguished Service Award
College of Sciences Ringenberg Award
Cooley Family Scholarship
Coon, Stephen Alan - Memorial Scholarship
COS Advisory Board Scholarship
Coyle, Carol Schnick - Elementary Teacher Education Scholarship
Crane Center for Creative & Innovative Leadership in Education Fund*
Crane, William J. & Mathiel B. - Scholarship Endowment
Crouse, Joyce S. - Family & Consumer Sciences Scholarship
Crouse, Richard L. - Scholarship in Spanish
Cunningham, George L. - Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Currey, John & Katharine England Currey - Scholarship
Curry, Julie - Political Science Leadership Fund
Curtis, Gerald F. and Anne E. - Memorial Scholarship
Cutright, Neil - Memorial Scholarship
Daddazio, Amelia - Women's Studies Fund
Damann, Kenneth E. & Donelda A. - Award
Davies, Lee Ann - Scholarship
Dean's Award for the Outstanding Business Student
DEAN's Ecological Sciences Scholarship
DeBolt, Robert - '62 Technology Scholarship
Decker, Ellen Cutright - Scholarship
Delaney, Sally Bohs - Scholarship
Delta Zeta Alumnae Scholarship
Department of Recreation Administration Student of the Year Award
DiBianco, Doug - Pride Scholarship
Dickerson, Earl S. - Award
Dietz-Linville, Bridgitte -Memorial Scholarship
DiPietro Memorial Mathematics Education Scholarship
Distinguished Faculty Award
Dively, John & Joyce - Education Leadership Scholarship
Dolson, E. E. (Gene) - Fund for Mathematics Education
Dougherty, Eunice W. - Scholarship
Downing, Betty Wright - Award
Drew, Roseann Watkins - Research Award in Early Childhood Education
Drury, Thomas R. - Scholarship
Dudley, G. B. - Scholarship
Dudley, Professor Dean - Faculty Fund
Dulgar Math Graduate Assistance Scholarship
Dulgar, Lee E. & Fay C.- Mathematics Scholarship
Duncan, Ray C. & Evelyn B. - Teaching Scholarship
Dunn, Gerald W. & Vivian L. - Fund For Education Administration
Dunn, Joe - Memorial Scholarship
Durham, Leonard & Olga - Environmental Biology Fund
Durkin, Mary (Wohlrabe) - Agency Scholarship
Dvorak, Leo J. - Scholarship
Dyrhaug, Patricia Ann - Women's Basketball Fund*
Early Childhood, Elementary and Middle Level Education Student Professional Travel Award
Economics Alumni Scholarship
Edgar County EIU Alumni Scholarship
Edgar County Lord Scholarship
Edgar Speaker Series
Edgar, Brenda - Scholarship for Women
Education Financing Foundation of California Scholarship
Education Scholars Award
Ehrsam, Roy E. - Scholarship
EI&U Leadership Fund
EIU Accountancy Advisory Board Endowment Fund
EIU Annuitants Association Scholarship
EIU Classical Music Artist Series Fund
Elementary & Middle Level Education Creative Activity Fund
Elliott, Charles A. - Technology Education Award
Elliott, Lois E. - Industrial Technology Scholarship
Elliott, Thomas L. - Scholarship
Elmore, Esther Brothers - Memorial Scholarship
Embarras Valley Quail Unlimited
Endowed Director of the Tarble Arts Center Fund
Endowed Program Assistants of the Tarble Arts Center
English Alumni Scholarship
English Alumni Visiting Scholar Lecture Series
English Faculty Development Fund
Enochs, Richard G. - Scholarship
Ernst, Dr. Garry E. & Janet E. - Endowment*
Esbeck, Ruth Miller - Scholarship
Ethell, Judy - Memorial Fund
Ethell, Judy - Memorial Scholarship
Ethell, Judy- Faculty Excellence Fund*
Evans, Mark "Atwood" - Memorial Art Scholarship
Excellence in Fine Arts Endowment
Family & Consumer Sciences Elderhostel Scholarship
Felstehausen-Boldrey Excellence in Career Occupations Fund
Fildes, Harold Dean - Scholarship
Finance Opportunity Fund
Finkle, H. Michael - Finance Endowment
First Mid-Illinois Bancshares Student Entrepreneurship Opportunity Fund
Fischer, Raymond L. & Carolyn Miller Fischer - Scholarship
Flynn, Connor James - Children's Diagnostic Equipment Fund
Forbes, Carolyn A. - Centennial Scholarship
Foundation Operations Endowment
Fox, Commander Richard A. - Business Enhancement Fund
Franklin, Dr. Elizabeth A. - Music Fund
Friends of Lake Mattoon Fund
Frommel, Ann - Memorial Scholarship
Fund for Excellence in Family & Consumer Sciences
Gabbard, Glendon -Theatre Arts Scholarship
Gabbard, Lucina Paquet - English Scholarship
Gaertner, Ruth - Scholarship
Garner, Donald P. & Suellyn Lindsey Garner - Scholarship
Gerdt, Gary A. & Marilyn J. - Memorial Scholarship
Gher, Don & Mary (Hartke) Gher Scholarship
Gholson, Ronald E.- Endowed Faculty and Student Service Award
Giffin, Elsie & Erson - Scholarship
Giffin, Gina - Scholarship
Giffin, Jim & June - Scholarship
Giffin, Jon & Diana - Geologist Scholarship
Glorivette Alegria Memorial Scholarship
Glover, Robert F. - Student Leadership Scholarship
Gould Writing Award in Evolutionary Biology
Gover, Timothy & Clifford Fagan Scholarship
Grace T. Bair Business Scholarship
Grado, Dr. Louis - Scholarship in Education & Service
Gray, Sara Johnston - Endowment
Greathouse, Lillian R. - Scholarship
Gregg, Vergil V. - Memorial Scholarship
Gretchen Sue Denton Scholarship
Griffin, Marjorie Ingram - Scholarship
Griffiths, Dr. Robert H.- Memorial Scholarship
Grissom, Steven & Teresa - Donor Cultivation Fund
Groves, William H. - Memorial Award
Grud, Thomas Anthony - Memorial Scholarship
Guckert, Dr John - Scholarship Fund
Gurick, Mitchell - Student Trustee Scholarship*
Gutowski, Vincent P. and Pamela R. - Fund
Hadwiger, Kenneth E. - Foreign Cultures Award
Hadwiger, Kenneth E. - PhD Graduate Scholarship
Hadwiger, Kenneth E. - PhD Scholarship
Halbert-Edwards, Liz - Memorial Scholarship
Hall, Ryland - Fund
Hamand, Martha T. & Lavern M. - Memorial Scholarship
Hampton, Frances Meyer - Graduate Scholarship
Hanks, Jim & Bess Townsend Hanks - Scholarship
Hanner Teaching Excellence Award*
Hansen, Dorothy E. & DuWayne - Music Scholarship
Harlaxton Manor Study Abroad Scholarship
Harris, Dr. Morton B. & Mary F. - Scholarship*
Harris, Ruby M. - Scholarship
Harris, Stephen L. - Business Scholarship
Hart, Dorothy - Lounge Fund
Hart, Dorothy M. - Library Fund
Hart, Dorothy M. - Memorial Scholarship
Hatfield, Jack K. & Marge - Scholarship
Hawkes, Flora Saxby - Memorial Scholarship
Hawkins, Betty J. - English Scholarship
Heath, Dr. & Mrs. Jerry - Sports Medicine Scholarship
Hegarty, Melinda Clancy - Memorial Travel Fund
Heise, Bryan & Adra - Elementary Education Scholarship
Heller, Hobart F. - Scholarship
Helsel, Drs. Christine and Larry - Public Relations Scholarship
Helwig, Carol - Award
Hencken, Lou & Mary Kay - Scholarship
Hencken, Louis V. - Housing Services Scholarship
Henderson, Obed & JoAnn - Music Scholarship
Henn, Nancy E. - Memorial Scholarship
Hennings History Fund
Hennings, Nancy - Memorial Poetry Reading Fund
Hennings, Robert - Historical Administration Scholarship
Hesler, Glen - Memorial Fund
Hibbs, Roger F. - Memorial Chemistry Scholarship
Higgins, Thomas A. & Gail M. - Scholarship
Hill, Dr. Barbara - Memorial Scholarship
Hlavek, Rudolph G. & Kathryn E. - Scholarship
Hobbs, W. David - Piano Scholarship
Hoedebecke, Bertha G. - Scholarship in Memory of George A. Gewe
Hoehn, Thomas & David - Campus Landscape Improvement Fund*
Hoehn, Tom & Deane - Elementary Education Leadership Scholarship*
Hoehn, Tom & Deane - Student Teaching Scholarship*
Hoene, Frances - Memorial Scholarship
Hoffman, Ernest & Janis - Family Scholarship
Holley, Bert & Janet - Scholarship
Holley, Bertrand P. - Distinguished Professorship
Hollister, Charles A. - Pre-law Award
Hollowell, Margaret C. - Scholarship for Graduate Studies
Hollowell, MD, Mack W. Hollowell - Fund for Scientific Equipment
Honnold, Louise (Tym) & Martha (Tym) Johnson Scholarship
Hoopman Endowment
Hopkins, Jon J. - Memorial Speech Education Scholarship
Horak, Stephen M. - Memorial Scholarship
Howell, Forrest W. - Scholarship in Public Administration
Hubbard, Eileen F. - Scholarship
Hubele, Glen E. - Graduate Assistantship
Huber, Charles & Elizabeth - Education Scholarship
Hudgins, Debbie Kroening - Memorial Scholarship
Hummel, Richard & Kathy - Sociology-Anthropology Scholarship
Hunt Environmental Biology Award
Hunt, Dr. Lawrence and Shirley - Memorial Scholarship
Hurst, Brian - Model Illinois Government Fund
Hussey, Robert W. and Laura M. - Scholarship
Hutchason, Nell C. - Scholarship
Icen, Richard - Fourth Estate Award
Illinois Broadcasters Association Scholarship
International Business Fund
Ivarie, Theodore W. - Leadership & Innovation Fund
Jackson, Dr. Ann E. - Catholic Scholars Program Scholarship
Jackson, Genelle Voigt - English Scholarship
Jacques, Richard - Rubber Chicken Fund
Jaenike, Vaughn & Ruth - Access to the Arts Award
James, Lori - Memorial Scholarship
Jeffris, Ronald & Myra - Music Excellence Scholarship
Jeffris, Ronald & Myra - Scholarship Fund
Johnson, Bette L. - Scholarship
Johnson, Dean James E. - Scholarship
Johnson, Dorothe L. - Memorial Scholarship
Johnson, James K. & Wanda L. - Fund for the Arts and Humanities
Joley, Charles L. & Kathryn - Dean's Scholarship in Education
Jones, James - Chair in WWII Studies
Jones, Johnetta - Scholarship
Jorns, David & Audrey - Business Scholarship Fund
Jorns, David & Audrey - Directing Theory for the Theatre Award
Kaplan, Florence - Foundation Endowment
Kappa Mu Epsilon Calculus Award
Karbassioon, Ebrahim & Donna - Graduate Economics Scholarship
Karner, Kris Beedy- Scholarship
Karraker Chemistry Scholarship
Keiter, Richard L. & Ellen A. - Undergraduate Research Fellowship
Keller Family Scholarship Fund
Kelley, John - Scholarship
Kelly, J. Y. - Scholarship Endowment
Kelly, Jack Robert - Scholarship
Kennard, Stephen Wayne - Memorial Scholarship
Kensil, John & Mary - Delta Chi Scholarship
Kinderman, Jesusa Valdez - Scholarship
King, Bobbie - Memorial Scholarship
King, Jr. Martin Luther - Scholarship
King-Mertz, Nancy - Research/Creative Activity Awards
Klehm, Dr. & Mrs. Walter A. - School of Technology Award Fund
Kline, Judd W. - Memorial Scholarship
Knell, Brad C. - Pre-Law Scholarship*
Knezovich, Rosemary Bevis - Scholarship
Kniskern, Verne B. & Edna M. - Scholarship in Life Sciences
Knollenberg, Dr. Robert - Chemistry Fund
Koerner, Jr., Carl P. - Memorial Scholarship
Kohanzo Eagle Scout Scholarship*
Kohanzo, Kenneth & Keith - Industrial Technology Scholarship
Komes, Linda Witt - Language for Literacy Scholarship
Krehbiel, Eugene B. - Scholarship
Krehbiel, Helen J. - Music Education Scholarship*
Krukenberg, Claire E. - Memorial Scholarship
Krutza, June - Art Scholarship
Kuhl Family Scholarship*
Kull, Max and Ellie - Communication Disorders and Sciences Scholarship*
Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity Founders Scholarship
Lambda Chi Alpha Scholastic Incentive Scholarship
Lanham, Violet D. - Memorial Fund
Lantz, Charles P. & Mary E. - Scholarship
Larson, Richard H. - Athletic Training Scholarship
Lasky, Dr. Herbert - Undergraduate Seminar in the Early National History of the United States
Lasky, Herb - AHS Scholarship
Lawrence, Everett A.M. & Judith K. - Accounting Scholarship*
LeDuc, John - Mathematics Education Teaching Practicum Award Fund
Leeds, Lottie Leach - Scholarship
Lefler, Glenn Q. - Physics Scholarship
Leggitt, Dorothy - Archival & Genealogical Center Fund
Leitch, Sarah Adams - Elementary Education Scholarship
Lenihan, Genie - Graduate Fellowship in Clinical Psychology
Lenihan, Patrick - Graduate Fellowship in Economics
Levi, Richard H. - Student Success Fund
LGBTQA Alumni Scholarship
Lily, Abby and Nate Fund*
Lord, Livingston C. - Scholarship
Lowell, Margaret & Walter - Voluntary Service Scholarship
Lumpkin Distinguished Professorship Fund
Lumpkin Foundation Endowment Enhancement College of Business
Lundgren, Terry & Carol - Scholarship*
Luther, John M. - Scholarship
Lynch Lecture Series
Lynch, Robert Thomas, Virginia Gwin Lynch & Robert William Unger Scholarship
MacGilvray Family Scholarship
Maharg, John N. - Vocal Music Scholarship
Management Opportunity Fund
Mangin, Thomas J. and Patrick J. Mangin - Endowment
Manhart, Carol - Scholarship Endowment
Manion, Charles Gifford - Memorial Scholarship
Marker, Dorothy and Harold - Fund*
Markowski, Patricia Stal - Science Scholarship
Markwell, William & Anna Crystal - Memorial Fund
Marley, Edward W.- Engineering Scholarship*
Martin Distance Running Scholarship*
Martin, Ron & Carol Jean (McHenry) Martin - Communication and Theatre Scholarship
Marvin, Jr. Daniel E. - WEIU Scholarship
Mary L. Carrico Gaskill Scholarship
Mary Ruth Swope Fund for Excellence in Home Economics
Mason, Gail and Tim - Scholarship
Mathematics Alumni Scholarship
Mathematics Problem Solving Contest
Mattiessen, HAPA Joy- Memorial Scholarship
Maurer, David & Joyce - Scholarship in Historical Administration*
May Award of Excellence
May, Edwin "Bud" - Award of Excellence in Funded Research
McAfee, Florence - Scholarship
McClay, Mary Bear - Graduate Assistantship
McColl, Frances W. - Scholarship
McConkey, Glenn A. - Scholarship
McCoy Family Scholarship
McCullough, Terry - Community Press Scholarship
McDivitt, Gene & Dee (Carpenter) McDivitt - Accounting Scholarship
McFarland, Dolly J. & H. Gene - Kinesiology & Sports Studies Scholarship
McGinnis, Ralph Y. - Scholarship
McKenna Secondary Education Scholarship
McKinney, Isabel - Scholarship
McKinney, Sean R. - Memorial Scholarship
McMahan, Miriam Bland - Early Childhood Education Scholarship
McNabb-Dow Graduate Scholarship
McNamara, Shannon - Outstanding Physical Education Club Scholarship
McPherson, Natalie- Economics Scholarship*
Medina, Karen D. - BGS Leadership Scholarship
Melvin, Gary & Tess - International Study Fund
Melvin, Gary & Tess - Nursing Program Development Fund
Mendez, Dr. Luis F. Clay - Scholarship
Merigis, Harry J. - Memorial Education Fund
Messer Family Scholarship
Meyerholtz, Roy & Patricia - Education Scholarship*
Middlesworth, Hal - Student Publications Alumni Scholarship
Miller, Iva P. - Special Education Memorial Scholarship
Miller, Louise C. - Music Scholarship
Minniear, Dallas & Nina - Scholarship
MIS Opportunity Fund
Mito, Carl & Marion - Excellence in Finance Endowment Fund
Modesitt, Raymond L. - Mathematics Scholarship
Modgline,Carolyn Kluesner - Memorial Scholarship
Moler, Donald L. and Margaret A. - Memorial Scholarship
Moler-Austin Scholarship
Montgomery, Bruce White - Memorial Award Graphics/Journalism
Moore, John Thompson - Scholarship
Moore, Mary K. - Early Childhood Education Fund
Moore, Neil & Shirley - Men's Track Endowment
Morris Family Endowment in Booth Library
Morris Family Endowment in English
Muchmore Family Theatre Scholarship
Murad, Ahmad - Scholarship
Murphy, David R. & S. Lynn - Psychology Scholarship
Murray, Louise - Award for Children's Literature
Myerscough, Brian & Trina - Chad Pfeffinger Sigma Pi Service Award
Nanda, S. L. - Mathematics & Science Scholarship
Neal Welcome Center Endowment Fund
Neely, Winnie Davis - Scholarship
Neff, Allen - Fund
Nelson, Hope Brown - Elementary Education Student Teaching Scholarship
Nettleton, Michael D. - Leadership Award
Neville, Kelly L. - Early Childhood Memorial Scholarship
New and Emerging Artists Series
Nichols, Lawrence & Emily - Memorial Award
Nilsen Graduate Research Presentation Award
Nimmons Family Scholarship
Norberg, Dr. Janet L. - Scholarship
Norton, Ona - Scholarship
O'Brien, "Pat" Maynard - Memorial Award
O'Brien, Estelle Ruth - Memorial Scholarship
O'Brien, Sue - Scholarship
Oberoi, Judge & Usha - Scholarship
Ochs, Clinton R. - Memorial Scholarship
Oglesby Family Scholarship*
Oglesby, J. W. & Marilyn - Scholarship
Old Main Memorial Academic Scholarship & Award
Olsen, Hans C. - Scholarship
Ortiz-Muniz, Geraldina - Spanish Scholarship*
Outstanding First Year Political Science Student Scholarship
Ozier Child & Family Award
Paddock Teacher Education Scholarship
Padovan, Ray - "Swim Early to Swim Fast" Swimming Athletic Scholarship
Pankau, Dr Joseph W. - Scholarship In Health Studies
Parents' Club Scholarship
Pauley, John "Smoke" & Mary Frances Pauley Scholarship in Industrial Technology
Payan, Jack L. - Scholarship
Pence, J. Robert - Memorial Scholarship
Pennybacker, Alice Groff - Secondary Education Scholarship
Phi Beta Kappa Scholarship
Phillips, Minnie Alice - Scholarship
Phipps, Harris E. - Chemistry Scholarship
Pierotti, Paul D. - Memorial Scholarship
Pine, Sandra and Jack - Scholarship Program
Political Science Graduate Scholarship
Political Science Honors Scholarship
Political Science Outstanding Senior Scholarship
Pollard, Frances - Library Endowment
Preisser, George - Memorial Scholarship
President Doudna Memorial Scholarship
President Phi Alpha Eta Scholarship
President's Award
President's Fund for Research & Creative Activity
Presidential Scholars Award Fund
Preston, Dr. Fred and Sara Jane Preston - Award in Nursing
Price, Dr. Dalias - Memorial Weather Fund
Price, Dr. James D. - Delta Chi Business Education Scholarship
Price, John & Mary- Scholarship
Pringle, Robert A. - Memorial Scholarship
Public Policy Institute
Publishing the Next 100 Years Fund
Ranes, Rodney - Graduate Faculty Mentor Award
Rawls, Hugh C. - Award
Redden, John S. & Margaret - Undergraduate Instruction Fund
Reed, Cyril D. - Mathematics Scholarship
Reed, John David - News Editorial Journalism Scholarship
Reetz, Jan - Scholarship*
Reid, Jr. William B. - History Education Scholarship
Reinhardt, Emma - Scholarship
Riccio, Barry D. - History Fund
Richardson, Rachael - Scholarship
Riley, Helen - Scholarship
Rinefort, Foster C. - Scholarship
Ringenberg, Lawrence A. - Scholarship
Riordan, William G. - Scholarship
Rives, Stan & Sandy - Margin of Excellence
Roberson Business Scholarship
Roberts, Barbara Rennels - Scholarship*
Roberts, Dr. John L. - Scholarship in Management*
Roberts, Dr. John L. - Scholarship in Middle Education*
Roberts, Jim, Tom, & Robin - Scholarship
Robertson, Christine Reid and Maura A. Robertson Graduate Scholarship
Robertson, Gary J. - Endowment for English Honors*
Rogers, Don & Ferne & Daughters Scholarship
Rohn Family Scholarship in Educational Administration
Ronchetti, Betty - Art Acquisition Fund
Rooke, Jerry - Accountancy Scholarship
Ross, Dr. J. Glenn - Scholarship
Rothschild, Donald A. & Marie - Award
Rundle, Al & Vesta - Scholarship
Sain, A. Roberta - Nursing Scholarship
Sardella Family Elementary Education Scholarship
Sardella Family Nurse Incentive Scholarship
Sardella, David - Incentive Track Scholarship
Sargent, Paul Turner - Scholarship
Saunders, James A. - Scholarship
Savoree, Kevin & Pam - Scholarship
Schaaf, Lella Cox - College Student Affairs Fund
Schahrer, Martin O. - Scholarship
Schlauch, Wolfgang & Barbara - European History Scholarship
Schmalhausen Family Scholarship
Schmalhausen, Ruth & Ansel - Scholarship
Schmeusser, Omar Carl - Memorial Scholarship
Schmidt, Margaret S. - Memorial Scholarship
Schmitt, John D. - Scholarship
Scholarship*, Cole, Ronnie, Maxine & Jerry - Family Nursing
Scholarship, Clark, Charles & Barbara - Elementary Education
Scholarship, Clark, Martha E. & Vernice E. - Memorial
Scholarship, Coartney, Mary Jane - Memorial Creative Writing
Scholarship, Coffey, Jr., Kenneth E.-
Scholarship, Coleman, Charles H. & Dorothee -
Scholarship, Connelly, Donna Lynn - Memorial
Scholarship, Connelly, James E. & Joseph T. -
Scholarship, Cook, Carolyn Shores & Allyn Cook Memorial
Scholarship, Coon, David - Memorial
Scholarship, Coon, Rose Marie - CDS
Scholarship, Corley, Edward
Scholarship, Cottingham, Mary Coon -
Scholarship, Covi, Joseph & Cecilia -
Scholarship, Cox, Sarah Wozencraft - Art Award
School of Continuing Education Alumni Endowment
School of Technology Future Fund
Schuster, Eric - Scholarship
Scott, Jeffrey G. and Lila M. - Scholarship
Scott, Michael A. - Memorial Fund
Security Analysis Center Enhancement Fund
Seiler, Reverend Joseph E. & Mrs Gloria S. Seiler - Elementary Education Scholarship
Sellers, John F. - Memorial Music Scholarship
Seltzer, Eileen & Reuben - Scholarship for Adult Learners
Sexton, Carl - Memorial Scholarship
Seymour, Gene - Memorial Scholarship
Shah, Mrs. Pratima Niranjan - Scholarship
Shaw, Charles C. - Scholarship
Sherman, Edward O. - Memorial Fund
Sigma Alpha Iota Scholarship
Simmons, Mr. & Mrs. William Craig - Scholarship
Singh, Man - Memorial MBA Scholarship
Smith, P. Scott - Scholarship
Smith, Richard - Botany Department Incentive Fund
Smith, William A. - Scholarship in Recreation Administration
Smyser, Robert “Dink” - Golf Scholarship
Snearley, Marilyn - Memorial Scholarship
Snyder, Paul and Katherine - Faculty Development Fund
Snyder, Paul and Katherine - Scholarship
Snydergaard, Dr. P. Rex - Scholarship
Sociology-Anthropology Alumni Scholarship
Sockler, Harry & Beulah - Football Scholarship
Solis, Gerardo J. - Latino/Latina Scholarship
Sorensen, C. Roger - Tennis Scholarship
Sorensen, C. Roger - Business Scholarship
Sorensen, C. Roger - Golf Scholarship
Sorensen, C. Roger - Supplemental Instruction Program Endowment*
Spaniol, Bill - Memorial Scholarship
Sparks, Irvin L. - Memorial Scholarship
Specht, Carol - Memorial Scholarship
Spice Entrepreneurship Fund
Staff Partnership Scholarship
Staley Glenn Q. & Mary Staley Lefler - Memorial Fund
Stan, Dee & Meagan Braden Scholarship
Stapp, Kate Booker - Scholarship
Stapp, Rachel - Teaching Scholarship
Steele, Sidney R. - Graduate Student Summer Award
Steidl, Rory & Gail Helstley Steidl - Scholarship
Sterling, Robert & Julie - History Scholarship
Stiff, Cindra Ward - Professional Business Scholarship*
Stockman, Verne - Graduate Scholarship in Education Technology
Stone, Sandra Boll & Paul L. Stone Scholarship
Stoner, Sue B. - Scholarship
Stover, Ernest L. - Scholarship
Strandberg, Kate & Cliff - Study Abroad in Sweden Scholarship
Strategic Capital Management Inc. Scholarship
Struebing, Ryan - Distinguished Graduate Student Award
Student Art Gallery Fund
Student Success Center Fund
Sue (Archibald) & Randy Taylor Scholarship in Education
Sullivan, Gerald - Memorial Scholarship
Sullivan, Robert N. & Barbara V. - Scholarship
Sundheim, Donald & Pam - Study Abroad Scholarship
Switzer, Charles - Memorial Scholarship
Taitt, Dr. Henry A. - Physics Scholarship
Taitt, Dr. Nancy P. - Mathematics Scholarship
Tanner, David Frank/Ronald Eugene Gholson Endowed Fund Celebrating the
Tarble Arts Center Endowment
Tarble Arts Center Touring Exhibition Expansion
Taylor, Donald & Lucille - Memorial Scholarship
Taylor, Edson H. - Scholarship
Taylor, Joyce L.- Student Teaching Scholarship
Taylor, Pete - Trombone Scholarship
Taylor, Sue (Archibald) & Randy Taylor - Endowed Chair in Education
Taylor, Sue (Archibald) & Randy Taylor - Scholarship in Education
Teachers College/Eastern State High School Alumni Scholarship
Technology Alumni Scholarship
Thi-wu, Wang -Scholarship Endowment
Thornburgh Journalism Scholar
Thurman, Wayne - Communication Disorders and Sciences Fund
Thut, H. F. - Thut Award
Tiffany Research Fund in Botany
Timmons, Mildred Grush - Art Acquisition Fund
Tingley, Charles E. & Ferne Tingley Compton - Botany Scholarship
Tingley, Jeanne & Donald - Memorial Scholarship
Toussaint, Pierre - Journalism Scholarship
Tredennick, Christopher E. - Memorial Scholarship
Trimble. Ruby - Memorial Scholarship
Troyt York Memorial Scholarship in Geography & Earth Science
Tym, Dr. William B. - Scholarship
Uebner, Lawrence & Carol (Hebenstreit) Uebner -Business Scholarship
United Graphics Scholarship
Vala, Wesley J. - Student Athlete Scholarship
Vaupel, Mary Cralley - Endowment
Vogel Freshman Mathematics Award
Volleyball Alumni Scholarship
W. P. McGown Award Fund
Waddell, Robert & Leyla Peck Waddell - Physics Prize
Wagner, Herman and Hazel - Endowment Fund
Wagner, Louise Inman & Mary Elizabeth Inman Kessler Faculty Fund for Continuing Education
Walden, Dorothy E. - Short Term Study Abroad Scholarship
Walden, Gladys & Keith - Scholarship
Wall, Lida G. - Faculty Research Mentor Award
Walter & Lola Stephenson Cole Scholarship
Walter H. & Dorothea V. McDonald Scholarship
Walter Merritt Scruggs Scholarship
Walters, John & Bina Jo - Music Scholarship
Walters, Murray & Sallie - Memorial Scholarship
Ward, Paul - Memorial Scholarship
Warner, Errett & Mazie - Presidential Awards
Warner, Robert A. - Scholarship
Waskom, Lou Ann & Tom - Scholarship
Watson Memorial Scholarship in Memory of Dallas, Hazel, and Leland Watson
Weaver, Ivan W. & Mabel - Weaver Scholarship
Webb, Dr. Robert & Lourdine - Piano Scholarship
Webb, Marion Railsback - Foreign Language Scholarship
Weber, William V. - Minority Affairs/Trio Extra Retention Fund
Weber, William V. - Study Abroad Assistance Fund
Weir, Benjamin - Eugene Waffle Journalism Scholarship
Weiss, Miranda Rice - Art History Scholarship
Weller, Annie L. - Scholarship in Geography
Weller, Annie L. - Scholarship
Westcott, George S. - Band Award
Wharton, Dr. Robert V. - Scholarship
Whisnand, John L. - Scholarship
White, Lewis T. - Memorial Scholarship
Whiteside, Wesley - Botanical Gardens Fund
Whittenbarger, Robert & Luz - Scholarship
Widger, Howard DeForest - Scholarship
Williams, Glenn & Joan - Women's Basketball Coach Endowment
Williams, Joan & Glenn D. - Women's Athletic Scholarship Endowment
Wilson Neuroscience Fund*
Wilson, Ronald A. - Scholarship
Wilson, Roy K. - Excellence in Public Relations & Journalism Scholarship
Winkleblack Family Fund
Winkleblack, Robert & Norma - Scholarship
Witters, Charles W. - Tau Kappa Epsilon Class of 1968 Scholarship
Witters, Robert Edwin - Scholarship
Woodall, Thomas - Scholarship
Woods, Jennifer - Memorial Scholarship
Woodyard, Lincoln J. & Florence M. Woodyard Accounting Scholarship
Woodyard, Lincoln, Florence, & Bonita - Education Scholarship
Wootton, Dr. Bill - Accounting Excellence Scholarship
Working Student Scholarship
Wozencraft, Dr. Marian - Flower Fund
Wozencraft, Jr. John George - Memorial Scholarship
Wozencraft, Marian Leitch - Scholarship
Wright, Brad - Memorial Scholarship
Yost, Jeremy & Amanda - Fund for Athletics*
Younger, Charles Jacobs & Mariann Dana Younger - Scholarship
Zabka, Dr. Robert - Special Education Scholarship
Zeller, Rose - Excellence in Research Award
Zhang, Li - Memorial Scholarship