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FOCUS Program

The FOCUS program is a free, one-to-one mentoring program in which students with disabilities meet individually with a student mentor from the Office of Student Disability Services. The purpose of this program is to provide the participants with the skills and supports they need to achieve academic success at the college level.

What Fall 2015 Participants are saying about FOCUS:

  • FOCUS has helped me set long term goals when planning out assignments and projects. It has also assisted me with prioritizing my work, and helping me organize what I need to complete for each assignment into more manageable steps, especially in my music classes.                                                                                                                                                                      
  • The Focus Program helped me strengthen my organizational, planning, and time management skills. I would fill out weekly time awareness sheets, which would allow me to visually see what I needed to get done during the week. Since I am a visual learner, this was a good way to hold me accountable for getting all of my assignments done on time. These skills have provided me with the ability to schedule and prioritize my assignments, activities, and work shifts for the upcoming week, which increased my productivity. Overall, the Focus Program has helped to improve my grades and has made me more conscious about the effort that I am putting into school.                                                                                                               
  • FOCUS has helped me develop a comfortable mode of communication with my professors on campus when I need to talk to them about my accommodations and extra assistance.
  • My mentor has been extremely helpful this semester.  I have learned to fill out forms for time management which has helped me in different aspects of life.  I really like the one-to-one meeting time and the extra help that I’ve received.  It really shows that the mentors care.  It is nice talking to somebody who understands my disability and I like that I can be treated “normally” rather than treating me differently because of my hearing impairment. My mentor showed me that I am able to meet my major requirements and expectations just like all of my peers. 

  • FOCUS helped make college easier for me by helping me learn how a college campus and faculty work on a personal level, which was specific to me and my needs.
  • FOCUS is a great program to learn tips and strategies for study skills and note taking.  I felt comfortable talking with my mentor about my disability.  There was never any judgment involved.

  • The Focus Program helped me to be more successful in my classes. For example, my mentor helped me to make sure I was “on top of” my assignments and that I turned them in on time. Also, my mentor helped me with organizational skills and study tips. 

To learn more about FOCUS:

Click here to view the FOCUS Program brochure.

Or contact the Office of Student Disability Services at 217-581-6583 or jwalters@eiu.edu