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Many faculty, staff, and students not living in the residence halls or Greek Court enjoy the convenience of eating on campus. There is the option to either purchase a full meal plan or Dining Dollars.  

Panther Plus Meal Plans

Seven plus plan: 7 meals per week + 2 bonus meals + $200 Dining Dollars = $1314.00 per semester
Ten plus plan: 10 meals per week + 3 bonus meals + $60 Dining Dollars = $1510.00 per semester
Twelve plus plan: 12 meals per week + 4 bonus meals + $100 Dining Dollars = $1683.00 per semester
Fifteen plus plan: 15 meals per week + 5 bonus meals + $140 Dining Dollars = $1874.00 per semester
Unlimited plus plan: unlimited meals per week + 6 bonus meals + $150 Dining Dollars = $2,148 per semester

These plans (including the dining dollars) expire the end of the semester and are non-refundable. Dining Center Meals MUST be used each week and cannot be accumulated.

Each plan allows you to eat a specific number of meals in the University-operated dining centers each week. You may also use your Dining Dollars at any of the following locations:

  • Food Court

  • Java B & B, 

  • Panther Pantry

  • Convenience Center located in Thomas Hall

  • At all three Residential Dining Centers

Bonus meals will be given to each person on a contract meal plan. A set number of bonus meals per semester will be given to all contract meal plan holders. These bonus meals do not count against the weekly meal balances. These bonus meals can be used if you run out of meals during any given week.

To Increase a Meal Plan: A student's meal plan can be increased at any time by filling out the proper form at the front desk of the Office of University Housing and Dining Services.

To find Frequently Asked Questions, click here.

Dining Dollar Meal Plan

For those who choose not to purchase a weekly meal plan, Dining Dollars may be purchased.  Dining Dollars are placed on your Panther Card (student I.D.) and can be used like cash in the University Food Court, Java B&B, and Thomas Convenience Center or to purchase additional meals in our four residential dining centers.

Dining Dollars can be purchased at the Dining Services Administrative Office for a minimum purchase of $50.00 and increments of $25, by check, money order or by charging your student account. Dining Dollars can be used at any Panther Dining location. Dining Dollars are good for one year and expire at the end of the spring semester, unless you purchase a summer meal plan. If you purchase a summer meal plan, the dining dollars will not expire until the end of the summer session.

  • Dining Dollars are non-refundable.

    Meal Zones: You may eat every 2 hours. (If you eat at 8:00 am you will be able to eat again at 10:01 am).