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Panther Plus Meal Plans Students living in the residence halls and Greek Court have a room and board contract. This means that each resident automatically has a meal plan. The four different meal plans available are made up of a combination of Dining Dollars and Meals Per Week. These are encoded on the student's Panther Card. Room and board rates, set during the rate development process, take into consideration that students do not eat every meal available to them, therefore the cost of each meal is adjusted accordingly. These meals can not be shared with another student nor do they rollover from week to week. At the end of the fall semester, if you are a continuing student, any remaining Dining Dollars on your account will automatically roll over to the next semester (spring) with all dining dollars expiring at the end of the spring semester.
To Increase a Meal Plan: A student's meal plan can be increased at any time by filling out the proper form at the front desk of the Office of University Housing and Dining Services.
To Decrease a Meal Plan: Meal Plans can be decreased no later than the Friday following the first class day of each semester by filling out the proper form at the front desk of the Office of University Housing and Dining Services.

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Dining Dollars Meal Plan (per semester) Dining Dollars may be purchased and/or are included on every meal plan. Dining Dollars are placed on your Panther Card (student I.D.) and can be used like cash in the University Food Court, Java B&B, the Thomas Convenience Center or to purchase additional meals in our three residential dining centers. Dining Dollars can be purchased at the Dining Services Administrative Office for a minimum purchase of $50.00 and increments of $25, by check, money order or by charging your student account. Dining Dollars can be used at any Panther Dining location. Dining Dollars are good for one year and expire at the end of the spring semester, unless you purchase a summer meal plan in which case they are good until the end of the summer session.

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Room & Board Rates

These rates include a meal plan and a double room.

  • Dining Dollars are non-refundable.

  • Dining Center Meals MUST be used each week and cannot be accumulated.

There are five (5) meal plan options. They are the 7 plus plan, the 10 plus plan, 12 plus plan, the 15 plus plan, and the unlimited plan. Each plan allows you to eat a specific number of meals in the University -operated dining centers each week. The Plus Meal Option permits each resident with a board plan to use a specified number of Dining Dollars for any of the following:

  • purchases at the Food Court, Java B & B, and Panther Pantry

  • additional meals for the resident in any Dining Center and

  • purchases at the Thomas Marketplace Convenience Center.