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Your Panther Card is your official form of identification for Eastern Illinois University. The rights and benefits of this card are only for you. It is your responsibility to control the use of this card. If anyone else uses your card, it will be confiscated and reported as lost and will be deactivated immediately. You will then have to buy a new card. Please be responsible for your Panther Card.

The Panther Card provides access to the University meal plan options through magnetic strip technology. Please do not confuse this with Panther cash/chip which cannot be used in the Residential Dining Centers (see link below). For additional information regarding the features and costs of each meal plan, please contact the Office of University Housing and Dining at (217) 581-5733.

If you lose your Panther card and you have a meal plan or dining dollars, it is in your best interest to report the loss immediately to any Panther Dining Facility. To get a replacement card, you will need to go to the Office of Telecommunications (phone 217-581-6596). To replace or add dining dollars, go to the Panther Dining Administrative Office located in the west side lower level of the MLK, Jr. University Union.

Questions about your Dining Dollars or Panther Card on a lost card should be directed to the above listed offices. For additional information regarding the features and costs of each plan, please click here.