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Actively Engaged

Building on a Passion for Food and Nutrition

Emily Dupuis has always had a passion for food and cooking along with an interest in the human body. For her, the Dietetics program at EIU has been a perfect way to incorporate all those interests into a single field of study and career path.


Graduate dietetic students at EIU are actively engaged with creative and scholarly activities within all areas of dietetic practice. The majority of dietetic course work involves various elements of integration learning, allowing students to “Connect, Reflect, and Grow” in their knowledge. For example, during course work and under the direction of a Registered Dietitian, graduate dietetic students visit patients in the hospital to assess and apply appropriate medical nutrition therapy and nutrition education. Students also apply appropriate nutrition education theories, such as Stages of Change and Motivational Interviewing, when students counsel with in-patients and out-patients. Students can be actively engaged with University or community service work opportunities. Additionally, students may funnel their interests to the Student Dietetic Association, Gluten Freedom Club, EIU Bike Club or one of the other 194 Registered Student Organizations (RSO) on campus. And if you can’t find the right RSO to meet your needs, you and your friends can start a new club of your own. You have plenty of options to work from, so decide on those that are most meaningful to you and get engaged!


Research Opportunities

Have you ever been curious about something that didn’t have a clear answer, or doubt something that you were told or read? If so, you can chart your own course of inquiry by engaging in research. All graduate students are required to complete FCS 5900 Research Methods. The work completed in the Research Methods course can become the foundation for a thesis or an independent study on a topic of interest to you, the student. If you like the Research Methods class, consider the options. FCS graduate faculty provides opportunities and support for interested students to develop and conduct research. Additionally, many students then go on to present their research at state, regional and national conferences. You could be one of them in the near future!

Student Success


Italian instructors Cecilia Ricci and Camilla Carrega discuss the summer courses they teach at Eastern Illinois University; Ricci oversees "Mediterranean Culture and Cuisine" and Carrega mentors the "Introduction to Italian Wines" class.

Dedicated students are successful and we have a long history of dedicated and successful students. The University and numerous donors affiliated with the School of Family and Consumer Sciences support student success by providing competitive opportunities for student to receive scholarships and awards. Additionally, student access to campus resources, such as the Booth Library and use of technology throughout campus, supports student success. Going abroad to study for one or two weeks or better yet, a full semester provides the opportunity to experience different cultures, food and lifestyle, which also supports student success. EIU faculty are also available to support and guide students. We know our students are successful as they are highly marketable and generally find employment within 3-6 months of program completion, while other graduates move on to pursue a Ph.D.

Our Alumni

Sara Wade: Using EIU Training to Create Career Opportunities

After graduating from Eastern with her master's in dietetics, Sara Wade entered her job at Kirby Medical Center not just as one of many registered dietitians, but the hospital's first and only on-staff dietitian. Taking on this premier position as Kirby's director of food and nutrition services could be intimidating for some, but after her education and experiences at EIU, Wade was ready for the job.


I seems like it was just 1981 when the dietetic program started and now it is 2013. My how the time flies! With over 400 EIU graduate alumni out in the world we want to showcase some of them to you! Check out what some of them have to say here:

Enlightened Flavors

Wellness Chef Eric Stein has crafted his own style of cuisine that includes the use of global flavors, seasonal ingredients, and nutrient rich foods. As a specialist in food and nutrition education, the combination of his culinary expertise and dietetic registration is reinforced by his passion for spreading the awareness that food can be both delicious and nourishing.


Ashley Waters

Ashley Waters

Rewarding graduate experiences leads to work as a Nutrition Consultant. Read more...


More stories form our alumni:


We would also like to hear from alumni, so don’t be shy, contact us at mdburns@eiu.edu