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Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have a undergraduate degree in dietetics, but I want to be a registered dietitian. Where do I need to start my application process?

You will need to contact Dr. Melanie Tracy Burns to begin a transcript review for undergraduate dietetic deficiencies. Official transcripts from all universities and community colleges attended need to be shared for review. The review will include a tentative timeline for completion for all deficiencies and graduate coursework. The cost for the review is $20 payable to Eastern Illinois University and mailed to Dr. Burns, 600 Lincoln Avenue, School of Family and Consumer Sciences, Charleston, IL 61920.

When does EIU's Dietetic Internship accept applications?

We participate in both the April and November computer match.  We accept between 12-14 students in the April match and 2-4 in the November match.

What is EIU's minimum GPA requirement for the Dietetic Internship?

2.75 cumulative GPA is required for admission into the Graduate School as well as the Dietetic Internship.

Does EIU's Dietetic Internship require a GRE score?

Yes, a GRE score is required; however, a minimum score is not required. The GRE score, along with the other application requirements are considered by the selection committee in the ranking process. When sharing your GRE score, please use the code 1199 as there is not a separate code number for the MSND program.

When does the Dietetic Internship begin?

Usually, students complete two semesters of graduate course work on EIU's campus in Charleston, IL, and then begin their 1280 hour dietetic internship in one of our nine affiliated medical centers.  Internship placements are usually in January, May, and September.  Typically, students move to the location of their internship placements for the duration of their DI.

Is a thesis required?

Writing a thesis is optional.  Students who write a thesis complete a total of 36 hours of coursework.  Students who do not to write a thesis, complete a total of 38 hours of coursework.  The Dietetic Internship is the equivalent of 12 semester hours.

When will the Verification Statement be issued?

The Verification Statement, which indicates your completion of our graduate program, will be issued three times annually (February, June, and September) after ALL graduate requirements are completed - not when the Dietetic Internship is completed.  Once the Verification Statement is earned, the graduate's information will be shared with CDR and the graduate will be eligible to sit for the registration exam.

I have chosen EIU for my graduate program!  Where will I live?

For housing options in Charleston, please view this document and visit the Charleston Area Chamber of Commerce resources.