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Estimated Expenses

To access information on the current tuition & fees, housing and financial assistant please go to the following link: http://catalog.eiu.edu/content.php?catoid=13&navoid=263

As with any graduate dietetic program there are additional expenses above and beyond fees and tuition. An estimated range of such expenses may include:

  • Housing: Free-$800+ per month, depending on geographical location (rural vs. city) and housing preferences.
  • Utilities: Free-$150+, depending on location and utility usage.
  • Gasoline: $50 - $200+ per month, depending on type of vehicle, gas mileage of the vehicle, cost of gasoline, and amount of miles driven.
  • Food: $50-$300+, depending on the student's preferences,  the amounts of food eaten, and the geographical location where the food was purchased.
  • Medical tests: $90-$120+, depending on if the tests are completed at the EIU Health Services or by their personal MD.
  • Lab Coat: $30-$50, depending on brand of coat as well as geographic location of purchase.
  • Health and Accident Insurance: $109.95 per semester.

All such expenses are the responsibility of the student.