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Application Process for Students with a Bachelor's degree from the United States

MSND Graduate School Application Components

All students applying for a MSND degree (either the Nutrition Education or Dietetic Internship option) will need to complete these components.

_____ Apply to Graduate School, noting the MS in Nutrition and Dietetics as your preferred program. Please note there is a $30 application fee.  Prospective graduate students who completed their undergraduate program at EIU, do NOT need to include transcripts in their application for Graduate School at EIU. Those students with transcripts from other universities need to have those transcripts mailed to the Graduate School at Eastern Illinois University. Applications are accepted year-round. 

_____ Email the MSND Coordinator your personal letter of intent that explains how the MSND will assist you in achieving your career goals.

_____ Request two letters of recommendation to written on your behalf. These letters need to be emailed to the MSND Coordinator by your letter writers.  At least one recommendation must address your academic performance.  Both letters of recommendation should discuss your areas of strength and weakness in the following areas: ability to interact and work effectively with others; critical thinking skills and ability; communication skills, including both written and verbal skills as well as with peers and superiors; sense of professionalism; and work ethic.

_____ Upon receipt of the graduate school application, the personal letter of intent, and the two letters of recommendation, the MSND Coordinator will determine the admission status into the MSND program.  At the time of admission, you will be notified if you have the undergraduate Family and Consumer Sciences deficiency of Life Span Human Development (FCS 1800). 

Dietetic Internship Application Components

Those applicants interested in applying for EIU's ACEND accredited Dietetic Internship, which has a Nutrition Education Emphasis, need to complete these components as well as the MSND components listed above. 

Please Note: Admission into the Graduate School is required before you can be matched with our Dietetic Internship (Appointment Day and not when the DICAS application is due).

_____ Complete and submit D & D Digital paperwork entering Eastern Illinois University as a match choice by the designated due date. The DI accepts students in both the Spring (February 15 due date) and Fall (September 25 due date) computer matches.

_____ Complete and submit your application to the Dietetic Internship Centralized Application Services (DICAS). In your personal statement, be sure to include your strengths and weaknesses, long and short term professional goals, and how the EIU program will help you achieve your professional goals (limited to 1,000 words).  For your letters of recommendation, one will need to be from a work supervisor and two from faculty.

_____ Pay the Eastern Illinois University Dietetic Internship (DI) application fee of $35 by mailing a check or money order payable to Eastern Illinois University to Melanie Tracy Burns, 600 Lincoln Ave, Family and Consumer Sciences, Charleston, IL 61920. This fee can be mailed in the same envelope with other materials (e.g. letters of recommendation for the MSND graduate assistantships in February) to Dr. Burns and is in addition to the Graduate School fee of $30.

Graduate Assistantship Application Components

For those who will be starting your graduate work in the fall semester (either in the Nutrition Education or Dietetic Internship Option), the MSND program has four specific assistantships available: two who assist faculty in undergraduate coursework (specifically teaching Food Selection and Preparation course), one who coordinates the nutrition education efforts on campus, and one who will be providing individualized and group nutrition education to clients participating in the Physician's Choice Wellness program. 

_____ Apply, if interested, for a general EIU graduate assistantship. To apply for one of the four specific Nutrition and Dietetics graduate assistantships before February 15, click here. You might also consider clicking on "select all" in the assistantship application, so that your assistantship application is available to all departments on campus.