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St. Johns Hospital

St. John's Hospital 

Website:  https://www.st-johns.org


800 E. Carpenter 
Springfield, IL 62769

Phone: 217-544-6464 ext 45990
Fax: 217-757-6871

Site Coordinator: Josh Klecynzski, MS, RD, LDN


Mission  Values

"To reveal and embody Christ's healing love for all people through our high quality Franciscan health care ministry."  

Our mission's two facets -- business and spiritual -- help us redefine our purpose every day. The business side manages the realities of how to serve those that need our help, while the spiritual side focuses on the people who come to be healed. That spiritual focus sets us apart -- surfacing in the values we hold and our commitment to service.

Respect Recognizing that every person, from time of conception, is a creature of God.

Care embodies the concern, compassion, and sensitivity with which we care for patients as individuals on a one-to-one basis. It depicts our way of dealing with patients, clients, employees and co-workers. Many times it is thought of as a bedside behavior, but it also belongs in business offices, cafeterias and board rooms.

Competence means that our work is performed and our hospital is managed with the highest level of skill and ability. We are committed to recruiting and developing people who are competent in their work and whose values reflect our own. Our values are an integral part of our hospital’s strategic plan, which provides the overall framework for local activities.

Joy is the manner is which our staff members and all who join us in our ministry seek to perform their work — the internal fulfillment of caring for others. It is an essential ingredient in bringing a sense of hope to those who suffer.


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