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    Turning Education into Action

    Sara Wade: Using EIU Training to Create Career Opportunities

    After graduating from Eastern with her master's in dietetics, Sara Wade entered her job at Kirby Medical Center not just as one of many registered dietitians, but the hospital's first and only on-staff dietitian. Taking on this premier position as Kirby's director of food and nutrition services could be intimidating for some, but after her education and experiences at EIU, Wade was ready for the job.  Read more...


    Dietetic students at EIU are actively engaged with creative and scholarly activities within all areas of dietetic practice. The majority of dietetic course work involves various elements of integration learning, allowing students to “Connect, Reflect, and Grow” in their knowledge. Students can be actively engaged with University and community service work opportunities.

    Student Organizations

    Corey Colson on getting involved with Dietetic student organizations.



    Faculty Connections

    Faculty Connections

    Emily Dupuis on the importance of building relationships with faculty.


    Take the opportunity to meet and get to know your professors. They have a wealth of knowledge and enjoy sharing their years of experience. So, take the step and make some faculty connections!


    Undergraduate Research

    Research Opportunities

    Brittany Cole on working with the dietetic department on undergraduate research.


    Have you ever been curious about something that didn’t have a clear answer, or doubt something that you were told or read? If so, you can chart your own course of inquiry by engaging in research. FCS faculty provide opportunities and support for interested students to develop and conduct research. Additionally, many students then go on to present their research at state, regional and national conferences. You could be one of them in the near future!


    Preparing for Internships

    Internships provide culminating experiences that often make a significant impact on your career decisions. Internships allow you to experience areas that you think would be a great fit with your interests and career goals. Take advantage of the experiences throughout your undergraduate years and then apply those experiences in your senior year.

    Gearing up for Internships

    Rachael Jannusch on preparing for internships throughout your undergraduate career.