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Timeline for Program Completion

  •  The sequencing of chemistry and other science classes is critical due to prerequisites for several DPD courses.
  • Elective hours can be used to complete a minor.
  • Suggested minors include: business administration, chemistry, and psychology.

Fall 20_(15 credits)

Spring 20_(16 credits)

ENG 1001G
FCS 2100
PSY 1879G
FCS 1800

ENG 1002G
CHM 1310/1315G*
FCS 1000
MAT 2250G**
CMN 1310

Fall 20_(15 credits)

Spring 20__(16 credits)

CHM 1410/1415
FCS 1121
BIO 2001G
SOC 2710G or 2750G
FCS 1120

CHM 2430/2435
BUS 2101
GED Fine Arts
FCS 2140
FCS 2000

Fall 20_(16 credits)

Spring 20__(16 credits)

GEN ED Humanities
CHM 3300
Elective (3)
FCS 3000
FCS 3755                                     
FCS 4150

FCS 3120 
GEN ED Humanities/Fine Arts(Cultural Diversity)
FCS 3756
Elective (3)
Bus 3010

Fall 20__(12 credits)

Spring 20__(14 credit)

FCS 4751
FCS 4000
Electives (6)

FCS 4750
FCS 4940
Senior Seminar (EIU 41XX)
Elective (2)
FCS 4275