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Chi Sigma Iota Membership

New member registration: This information will ONLY apply to those students who have *already completed* at least 9 semester hours of graduate coursework. If your GPA for those 9+ hours is a 3.5 or higher, then you are potentially eligible to join CSI. In addition, faculty must affirm that you are "deemed promising for endorsement as a professional counselor whose ethical judgment and behavior will be exemplary" (CSI Bylaws, Article 4.)


Visit www.csi-net.org

  1. Go to http://www.eiu.edu/counseling/organizations.php
  2. Under ‘Chi Sigma Iota’, click on http://www.eiu.edu/counseling/csi.php
  3. Click on ‘Membership’
  4. Under ‘Instructions’, click on www.csi-net.org. Be sure to note the application information provided on that page before you click on the link! In case you already clicked on the link, here is the information:
  • Chapter Name: Epsilon Iota Upsilon
  • 'Work  address' is your address while attending EIU. Upon graduation, materials will be mailed to your permanent or "home" address.
  • Your expected graduation date is May 2018 if you are full time. If part time, you may estimate.
  • We ARE a CACREP program and we are NOT a CORE program
  • Do not opt to be removed from society emails

    5. Then, under the right hand side column under Sign-In, click ' New
       Member Registration'

    6. On the next page that opens, select " Student" as member type, and
        proceed to complete the application.

  • It will ask for a username, first name, and  last name.
  • Next is your membership selection- New Member, $50- Click ‘Accept this and continue’
  • You will be taken to the next screen which will ask for all of your personal and some educational information.
  • Under the section ‘Additional Information’, choose ‘yes’ for all of the options.
  • Once you are done with providing this information, choose ‘Submit’

    7.The next section is for Membership Dues

  • Fill out group membership, choosing Chi Sigma Iota
  • Review your ‘Member Information’
  • Fill in your ‘Billing Information’
  • Fill in your ‘Payment Information’ for your dues
  • Once you have reviewed all of your information and put in your payment information, click ‘Submit Securely’

    8.Once this is completed, you have the option to view your invoice/receipt,
       but you should also receive an email to the provided email address that
       they received your membership dues payment.

Please note: during the on-line application process, you will be asked to pay a $50 national membership fee by credit card. Your application will not be processed until this payment has been made, and will be eliminated from CSI's on-line system if not payment is not made within 48-hours of your application. Also, a $5 payment must be made to our chapter's treasurer for local dues.

Any questions, please email: smmenigoz@eiu.edu