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Medical Withdrawal Through the Counseling Center

*ATTENTION*: Students seeking a medical withdrawal for PHYSICAL HEALTH reasons need to contact Health Services at 217-581-3013 or visit their webpage to access their paperwork.

Students seeking a medical withdrawal for MENTAL HEALTH reasons need to follow the Counseling Center's procedures and process.


Before the Counseling Center can consider a medical withdrawal, the student needs to provide the center with documentation from a licensed provider (i.e. LCPC, LCSW, psychologist, psychiatrist, MD, etc.) supporting the need for the withdrawal. It needs to include (1) the date(s) of treatment, (2) the type of treatment that occurred, and (3) the reasons a medical withdrawal is being requested. If the student is a client of the Counseling Center or has recently been seen, the center may be able to use this documentation.

If a student is seeking a withdrawal for a past semester (a semester that is already over), the student needs, in addition to the supporting documentation, a sufficient and/or appropriate reason for not seeking the withdrawal during that semester. This type of medical withdrawal is called a late retro-active withdrawal. If a student is seeking a late retro-active medical withdrawal and stopped attending classes without officially withdrawing, financial aid awards may be adjusted and repayment may be required.

For further questions regarding a medical withdrawal or to set up a consultation appointment to complete the documentation, please call 217-581-3413. Students may fax supporting documentation our fax number is 217-581-5980. Please be sure to call our office to ensure we received the fax and understand that it is supporting materials for a possible medical withdrawal.