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Treatment Teams

Clients have an option to become involved in one of 2 treatment teams offered by the Counseling Clinic:

Mood Disorder Treatment Team

The Mood Disorder Treatment Team provides support for students whose difficulty with mood regulation is significantly impacting their functioning or safety. The Mood Disorder Treatment Team is a collaborative approach to address the student’s medical, emotional, behavioral, social, recreational, and nutritional needs through bi-monthly clinical reviews and treatment planning.

The team will, most often, include the following professional staff: counselors, psychiatrist, medical staff (EIU physician or RN trained in mental health), and nutritionist. Consultations may occur as needed within other university departments and/or family within the appropriate legal and ethical guidelines.

Disordered Eating Treatment Team

The Disordered Eating Treatment Team includes professionals from a variety of disciplines, including health services, the counseling clinic, and a dietician. Treatment may include medical assessment and monitoring, individual and group counseling, dietary assessment and care, and consultation services.

Typically, students will meet with a counselor bi-weekly for 50 min individual sessions, weekly with group for 1 hour, a health service provider bi-weekly for 15-30 min, and with the nutritionist as recommended. The frequency of visits, with all providers, will be determined on an individual basis, and may fluctuate throughout the course of treatment depending on needs.

The goal of the DETT is to focus on health, wellbeing, healthy body image and acceptance, and to provide high-quality service and assist you through your personal treatment and recovery.