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Civility Campaign


Be The One


 Be The One



February is EIU Civility Campaign Diversity Month 

Watch how EIU Practices Diversity




Civility:  a polite act or expression, courteous.

The EIU Counseling Center invites you to participate with us in our Civility Campaign.  We believe that you can Be The One to promote civility on our campus.  Throughout the year you too can participate in the theme of the month.  It only takes you to initiate kind gestures or random acts of kindness to spread civility throughout our campus.  If you would like to collaborate with the Counseling Center or have your own unique ideas on how to do this we welcome your participation.  Below are themes each month that we hope can promote civility on our campus.  We hope that everyone at EIU will decide to BE THE ONE!



September: Be Kind!

October: Be the One to Step Up!

November: Be Thankful!

December and January: Be Giving!

February: Be Culturally Diverse!

March: Be Responsible!

April:  Be Respectful!


 To learn how to become involved contact us at 217-581-3413 so you to can BE THE ONE!