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It's important that students in Communication Studies recognize what the faculty expects of you in your classes. A degree in Communication Studies encompasses a wide variety of skill sets having to do with communication. Expect to write papers, give presentations, learn new technologies, develop your argumentation skills, conduct sound and extensive research, and learn theories to support your assumptions about the world.

Here are some of the keys to success in Communication Studies at Eastern Illinois University:

  • Get to know your syllabus and reading/assignment schedule
  • Know the course policies for each class in which you are enrolled
  • Read all materials that you are assigned
  • Get to class on time, and stay for the entire class period
  • Be proactive in your education. You need to ask; you will not be told everything
  • Take assignment deadlines seriously. Know each faculty member’s policy on late work and follow it
  • Protect your academic integrity.  Do your own work.  Learn how to cite sources appropriately and how to write a bibliography or works cited page.
  • Accept that you will not be able to get a grade better than a “C” in a course if you do not read the assigned reading

More details about what's expected of students in Communication Studies is available in the department's Student Expectations and Standards Guide.