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Our Grads Excel

Internships seek out EIU graduate students. Our students exceed both the State and National Averages for the National Praxis Exam. Our pass rate on first attempts is 100% since 2008.

Employment Rates of Graduates within 3 Months of Graduation have been 100% since 2007.


Variety of Clinical Experiences

In conjunction with the academic training program, we operate the Eastern Illinois University Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic to provide clinical experiences for students in training. The Clinic provides diagnostic and treatment services for more than 100 clients per semester. Graduate students have the opportunity to work with both adult and pediatric clients from surrounding communities in a 70-80 mile radius of Charleston. The students work closely with faculty supervisors to provide appropriate evaluations and treatment. The Clinic provides services to both adults and pediatrics in the following areas:

  • Speech disorders of articulation, phonology, apraxia, voice, stuttering, cleft palate, laryngectomy, neurological disorders, dysarthria and accent reductions
  • Feeding and swallowing disorders
  • Language deficits in language processing, language-learning disabilities, literacy, executive function, autism, developmental delay, cognitive disability, aphasia, degenerative neurological conditions, stroke, and traumatic brain injury
  • Augmentative and alternative communication systems
  • Auditory processing
  • Pure tone, speech, and tympanometry evaluations
  • Aural rehabilitation

Autism Center

You may not realize it, but autism has probably touched the life of somebody you know. With an incidence of one in every 88 children, it is the most common developmental disorder. Early identification and intensive therapy typically help these children and their families overcome the educational challenges presented by autism, but this has proven an overwhelming task for our public school system to undertake alone.

That's where the EIU Department of Communication Disorders and Sciences and EIU Autism Center come in. Our accomplished faculty and staff provide evaluations and recommendations necessary to help educators best serve the academic needs of individuals with autism spectrum disorders.



Full Semester Internships

Both our educational and medical internships are typically a full-time practicum experience, consisting of 5 day-per-week placements for 14 weeks each. Internship sites are located in schools and facilities throughout Illinois and other states. Some sites at which previous students have been placed are as close as Mattoon, Ill., and as far away as Germany, Nevada, Colorado, and Connecticut. Students indicate their preference in the location of the internship. More than 100 clock hours of therapy experience is obtained during each experience. Internship is taken credit/no credit for 12 semester hours (3 semester hours applicable to the degree).


Case Based Teaching

Dedicated faculty have clinical expertise and maintain a caseload in our clinic which insures that they are able to provide the latest treatment instruction. In addition, faculty are in contact with working professionals and internship supervisors gathering feedback on specific disorder areas that need to be infused in course curriculum. Consequently, faculty expertise and feedback from working speech-pathologists provide the basis for case scenarios and video examples infused in academic courses. In addition, many class assignments are case based and promote application and integration of course knowledge. Internship supervisors consistently comment on how well prepared EIU graduate students are for their internship experiences. Our faculty strongly believe this is in part due to our dedication to case based instruction.