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Required to Apply for the Traditional or Hybrid Graduate Programs

1) Applicants must have a minimum of 3.0 major and cumulative GPAs to apply

2) Coursework:

Applicants must have completed (or plan to complete in the spring term) the following courses: Anatomy and Physiology of Communication Mechanisms, Speech Science, Child Language Acquisition, Phonetics/Phonological Development, Audiology, and a Clinical Methods Course/Clinical Observation.

Applicants must have completed or planned to complete either Assessment/Treatment of Articulation/Phonological Disorders or Assessment/Treatment of Child Language Disorders. (Both are recommended and if either were not completed at the undergraduate level, the course will need to be made up during the graduate program.)

Other Recommended Courses (can be taken in graduate school if not taken in undergrad program):

Aural Rehabilitation, Augmentative and Alternative Communication


Applying to Traditional Graduate Program

Applying to the Hybrid Graduate Program

  • Click on the link for more information about applying for the Hybrid 3-year Master's Program in Speech-Language Pathology. This program is intended for individuals with a bachelor's degree in communication disorders who have obtained significant relevant work experience with children or adults since graduation.
    • A new cohort  of student has been admitted to this program every 3 years. The last set began in Summer of 2015. Applications for this program are not being accepted at this time.
    • The next time applications will open is anticipated to likely be Fall of 2017.  Applications would need to be complete by Jan 1 2018.  The cohort would begin classes Summer 2018.
  • Information about PAST APPLICANTS to the Hybrid Program is found at the bottom of the page


Questions about visiting the department or applying to program should be directed to the CDS Graduate Program Coordinator, Dr. Rebecca Throneburg.  She can be contacted at:  rmthroneburg@eiu.edu  or (217) 581-7447.