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The Graduate Program at EIU in Communication Disorders & Sciences… where great students learn to become outstanding speech-language pathologists!

Unique Aspects of the Program

  • Friendly, supportive faculty with wide-range of expertise and an open-door policy... our highest priority is teaching you in class and clinic. ALL faculty worked as speech-language pathologists prior to joining the faculty at EIU (see faculty summary sheet).  ALL faculty teach courses and supervise in the clinic.Courses are clinically focused and include a lot of case-based information.

    • Faculty members are actively engaged in practicing their profession through teaching, supervision, service on professional committees, attendance at conferences, and mentoring research
  • Variety of clinical experiences while on-campus including the EIU Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic, local schools, hearing impaired/aural rehabilitation, diagnostics.

  • Laptops are utilized in courses and in clinic.  Clinic is recorded digitally and viewed with your laptop. Clinic files are also digital.

  • Standard Traditional Program =4 semesters of on-campus clinic and coursework (summer-fall-spring-summer) then 2 semesters of full-time 14-week off campus internships in the medical and educational settings. Extended traditional program option with 5 semesters on campus followed by 2 semesters of full-time 14-week internships.  Hybrid program option with 3 summers of on-campus coursework, 4 semesters of part-time distance courses and clinical experiences, followed by 2 semesters of full-time 14-week internships.

  •  The educational internship can be completed throughout the state and the medical internship throughout the country.  Students have completed internships in Colorado, New York, Arizona, Hawaii, Wisconsin, Missouri, Tennessee, etc.

  • Internship supervisors and employers report EIU students are very well-prepared to work in medical and educational settings. 

  • All students have passed the ASHA Praxis exam for many years.  Mean test scores on ASHA Praxis exam are 5-10% ABOVE state and national averages                      

  • 2nd –year graduate students are routinely asked as part of an exit interview if they "had it to do all over would they choose EIU for graduate school?"  100% answer "definitely/ yes/absolutely " with many adding that they wished they had attended EIU for their undergraduate education too.


Laptop Requirements

Graduate students in Communication Disorders and Sciences need access to a laptop computer for most class and clinic responsibilities on and off campus. Students are expected to maintain the minimum hardware requirements and reliable access to high speed internet. Minimum specifications for laptop requirements can be found at http://www.eiu.edu/commdis/laptop_program.php.

  • Course lectures are recorded and streamed
  • Course management software is used to share and organize class materials and discussion
  • On-campus clinical experiences are digitally recorded and paperless