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What is CDS? - Communication Disorders & Sciences

Communication Disorders and Sciences focuses on the basics of understanding speech, language, and hearing processes, as well as preparing the student to diagnose specific communication disorders. Twenty-four million people in the United States have such disorders. Communication disorders come in all forms and affect all age groups. Some infants are born with them, while other disorders are not evident until the child becomes a toddler. These disorders can stem from physical or psychological trauma, birth defects, or chemical imbalances in the brain. The elderly are also often affected by communication disorders. Many patients recovering from strokes lose the abilities to understand language or to communicate verbally. Many Alzheimer's patients also experience communication disorders. Accident victims who experience head trauma are commonly affected by communication disorders. Hearing loss is often evident in workers who are in close proximity to explosions or loud machinery. With such a wide range of people afflicted by communication disorders, professionals in this field enjoy a tremendous opportunity to specialize.

Many students choose the undergraduate major in Communication Disorders & Science with plans to attend graduate school to become a speech-language pathologist or audiologist. Professional practice requirements for these professions include a graduate degree from an accredited institution, the Certificate of Clinical Competence, and a speech-language pathologist or audiologist license. Practice in schools as a speech pathologist also requires a special certificate. Eastern's bachelor's and master's programs in communication disorders prepare students to practice speech-language pathology in all work settings, including hospitals, rehabilitation centers, schools and private practice.

Students can also use their communication disorder training right out of college to work or pursue other advanced degrees. The undergraduate CDS program prepares graduates for entrance into other human services professions, academic programs, and clinical experiences, some of which are listed in the table below.

Other Options with a Bachelor's Degree in CDS


Early Childhood Specialist

Child Development Specialist

Rehabilitation Benefits Coordinator

Agency Director (i.e. Easter Seals,

United CP)

ESL Instructor

Speech-Language Pathology Assistant

Public Health Specialist

Group Home Staff/Management

Health Services Manager

Hearing Aid Dispenser/Consultant

Pursue teaching credentials in fields such as special education, counseling, elementary/secondary education, and deaf education

Pursue advanced degrees in speech/language pathology, audiology, medicine, chiropractic medicine, nursing, gerontology, and law

Retail Management