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Dr. Tena L McNamara

Dr. Tena L McNamara

Associate Professor

Office: 2203 - Human Services
Phone: 217 581 8488
Email: tmcnamara@eiu.edu
Website: http://www.eiu.edu/commdis/faculty.php?id=tmcnamara&subcat=

Tena McNamara's Vita


Dr. McNamara's is dually certified. Her concentration is on aural habilitation/rehabilitation therapy, (central) auditory processing diagnostics/therapy, and educational audiology.  She has  also been employed part-time for over 20 years as an Educational Audiologist/Speech Language Pathologist with the Special Education Association of Peoria County 

Frequently Taught Courses

CDS 4300                             Introduction to Audiology           

            CDS 4350                             Aural (Re)Habilitation
CDS 5800                             Grand Rounds
CDS 5920                             Audiology Clinical Practicum  


Dec 2002    Doctorate of Audiology, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

                  Honors:  Selected to the Society of Phi Kappa Phi

Aug 1992    Certification in Speech/Language Pathology, Illinois State University, Normal, IL

Aug 1983    Master of Science-Audiology, Bradley University, Peoria, IL

Professional Organizations

American Speech Language Hearing Association, Audiology representative for "Reframing the Profession" Committee (2013)
American Speech Language Hearing Association member of Audiology Consortium Committee
             (2010 – present)
American Speech Language Hearing Association member of Health Care Economics
             Committee for Coding and Reimbursement (2010 - 2012)
American Speech Language Hearing Association convention program committee, Academic and
              Educational Issues (2010, 2011, 2013)
American Speech Language Hearing Association, reviewer for Audiology/Hearing Science
              Research Travel Award (ARTA; Summer 2009 & 2011)
Educational Audiology Association, Treasurer (present)
Educational Audiology Association, Advocacy Committee (2009 – present)
Educational Audiology Association, Past President (2012)
Educational Audiology Association, President (2011)
Educational Audiology Association, President Elect (2010)
Educational Audiology Association, Member at Large, Executive Board (2009)
Illinois Academy of Audiology, Co-Chair Ways and Means Committee, (2013 – present)
Illinois Speech Language Hearing Association, Co-Chair for annual Convention (2010 & 2011)
Special Education Association of Peoria County – Consultant, Educational Audiologist/Speech
            Language Pathologist (1996-present)

Speakers Bureau

For more information, please visit the Speakers Bureau Webpage.


Aural (Re)Habilitation
(Central) Auditory Processing
Hearing Conservation

Selected Publications

McNamara, T.L. (2014).  Procedures and prospectives of the 4th year experience for the Doctor of Audiology degree. 
               Accepted for publication in Contemporary Issues in Communication Sciences and Disorders. Spring 2014, vol 41.
McNamara, T.L. & Hurley A. (2013). Diagnosis and treatment of (central) auditory processing disorders: A collaborative approach. In D. Welling & C.
               Ukstins (Eds.), Fundamentals of Audiology for the Speech Language Pathologist (pp. 273-289). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett
McNamara, T.L. & Richard, G.J. (2012). Better together: A collaborative model between the SLP and audiologist. The ASAH Leader, 17, 3, pp. 12-14.
McNamara, T.L. (2011). Collaboration between organizations: How it works and who gains. Volta Voices, 18, 13.
McNamara, T.L. (2011). Educational audiologists enhance access to communication. The ASHA Leader, 16, 10, pp. 28-29.
Friberg, J.C. & McNamara, T.L. (2010). Psychometric validity of tests that assess (Central)
             Auditory Processing abilities. Journal of Educational Audiology, 16, 59-72.
McNamara, T.L. (2010). RtI: What audiologists need to know when working with children who
             have a (C)APD or other hearing needs.  Educational Audiology Review, 27, 3, pp. 9, 22.
McNamara, T.L. (2010). Continuing education and professional development: How does it work?
            Educational Audiology Review, 27, 4, pp. 7, 9.
McNamara, T.L., Bailey, R.L., & Harbers, H.M. Different professionals' interpretation of a
             decoding deficit  in reading skills. (2008). Journal of Educational Audiology, 14, 80-93.
Bezriadina, N., McNamara, T.L., & Prendergast, S.G. (2006) Professional standards in Russia for the practice of audiology. Contemporary Issues in                  
             Communication Sciences and Disorders, 33,
McNamara, T.L. & Bailey, R.L.  (2006). Faculty/staff perceptions of a standards-based exit
             portfolio system for graduate students. Innovative Higher Education, 31, 2, 129-141.

Selected Conference Presentations

Weighing your options: The perks of practicing in different settings. (panel presentation at
           American Speech Language Hearing Association National Conference, November 15,
Interprofessional innovations: The keys to collaboration and communication. (panel presentation at
           American Speech Language Hearing Association National Conference, November 15).
McNamara, T.L. (2013). Literacy skills for students with hearing loss: Where we are and wher we
           go from here (presentation at Educational Audiology Association Nationa Conference, June
McNamara, T.L (2013). Literacy: The role of the audiologist. (presentation at the Illinois Academy
           of Audiology Annual Conference, January 30).
Lorenz, H.R. & McNamara, T.L. (2012). Signal-to-Noise Ratio of Augmentative and Alternative
            Communication Devices across Educational Settings. (presentation at American Speech Language
            Hearing Association National Conference, November 16, 2012).
Roles and responsibilities of the professional in a variety of work settings. (panel presentation at the
               American Speech Language Hearing Association National Conference, November 16, 2012).
McNamara, T.L. (2011). Supervisor and student perspectives of the 4th Year Experience.
             (presentation at the American Speech Language Hearing Association National Conference,
              November 18).
McNamara, T.L. (2011). Crash course in aural (re)habiliatation. (presentation at the American
              Speech Language Hearing Association National Conference, November 17, 2011).
McNamara, T.L. (2011). National EAA update (presented at Illinois Educational Audiology
               Meeting, November 4).
Litherland, M.K. & McNamara, T.L. (2011). Supervisors’ perspectives of the 4th Year Experience
              for Au.D. (poster presentation at Educational Audiology Association National Conference,
              July 16).
McNamara, T.L. (2010). Update on (C)APD: What is the role of the SLP and the Audiologist?
             (presented to Peoria Area Speech Language Hearing Association, October 5)
McNamara, T.L. (2010). Auditory processing: What is it and how does it affect students with
             Autism. (presented at Extended School Year Program, Peoria County, June 22).
McNamara, T.L. (2009). Enhancing listening skills to promote early literacy. (presented to the
             Special Education Association Peoria County Institute, November 25).
Ware, J., McNamara, T.L., & Tyra, T. (2009). Effects of social stories on decreasing
            undesirablebehaviors in children with an educational/medical diagnosis other than
            Autism Spectrum Disorder (poster presentation at American Speech Language Hearing
            Association National Convention, November 20).
McNamara, T.L., Harbers, H.M, & Prendergast, S. (2009). Effects of soundfield amplification on
           phonological/phonemic processing (poster presentation at American Academy of Audiology
           National Convention, April).


Volunteer for JumpStart, Eastern Illinois University

Volunteer at the Crittenton Crisis Nursery, Peoria, IL

Team in Training for the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society
Annual St. Jude run/fundraiser for cancer research


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