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Dr. Brenda M. Wilson

Dr. Brenda M. Wilson

Professor, Medical Internship Coordinator

Office: 2304 - Human Services
Phone: 217-581-2712
Email: bmwilson@eiu.edu

Brenda Wilson's Vita
Dr. Wilson is a Professor and has been in the CDS Department since 1993. She received her doctorate from the University of Illinois. Dr. Wilson coordinates the medical internship experience for graduate students. She currently teaches Cognitive Communication Disorders (CDS 5350) and Special Topics in Cross-Cultural Competence in Speech-Language Pathology and Anomia. Dr. Wilson has presented at the local, state, national and international levels on multicultural issues, early intervention, and cognitive aspects of communication. Research publications have appeared in Brain and Cognition and Brain Injury. She is on the Editorial Board for  the EIU Education Journal. Her professional experience includes more than 15 years in rehabilitation and hospital settings.

Frequently Taught Courses

CDS 5350 – Cognitive-Communication Disorders (spring)
CDS 5400 – Cross Cultural Competence (on demand) 
CDS 5400 - Assessment and Treatment of Anomia (on demand) 
CDS 5980 – Medical Internship (fall, spring, summer)


B.S.  Southern Illinois University                      1975

M.S.  Auburn Univeristy                                   1976

Ph.D. Univeristy of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana  1998



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