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The College of Sciences offers high quality undergraduate and graduate education in mathematics, the natural sciences and the social sciences. Students gain the knowledge, skills and values that enable them to become productive and responsible citizens with a capacity for reasoned judgment and effective communication.

Greetings from the College of Sciences Dean’s Office

No matter where you are geographically, or where you are in pursuit of your education, EIU is here to enable your goals. We offer over 30 undergraduate degrees and 12 graduate degrees in fields as specific as Speech-Language-Hearing Pathology or Nursing or as broad as Environmental Science or Sociology.

Our faculty members take pride in being known as good teachers and contributors to knowledge in their fields. We also take pride in offering numerous special learning environments to both undergraduates and graduate students. These include:

the Autism Resource Center;

the Center for Clean Energy Research and Education (CENCERE);

the Charleston Waste Water Treatment Facility (WWTF);

the Geographic Information Science Center (GIS Center);

the EIU Observatory;

the EIU Weather Center;

the H. F. Thut Greenhouse;

the Renewable Energy Center;

the Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic;

the Wesley Whiteside Botanical Garden;

and numerous clubs, organizations, and initiatives, such as the COS Student Advisory Board; WiSM (Women in Science and Mathematics); and Minority Mentoring in Math and Sciences (M3S).

Contact us to find out more about our special people and places and opportunities for you.

Best regards,

Harold Ornes
Dean, College of Sciences

James Novak
Interim Associate Dean

Angie Rhoads
Assistant to the Dean for Administrative Services