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Graduate Assistantships

This opportunity gives students experience within their field while gaining academic knowledge.  The financial benefit of this requirement is immeasurable as it provides a tuition waiver and a monthly stipend to the student. The combination of classroom theory and practice with practical hands-on experience gained through graduate assistantship work is essential to overall pre-service preparation for the profession of College Student Affairs.

Experienced Faculty

Dr. Dianne Timm

Dianne Timm

Dr. Timm brings her extensive background in the student affairs field to the department and is an excellent example of our experienced faculty. Click here to read more...

The CSA program has an outstanding, caring, and accessible faculty composed of individuals who are extremely qualified as instructors and also have impressive experience in the field to give students a well-rounded, practical educational experience.  President Emeritus Lou Hencken, Vice President for Student Affairs Dan Nadler, and Dr. Dianne Timm are just a few examples of the incredible staff members in this program.

The Perfect Fit

Megan Corder has reaped the benefits of a close-knit, top-notch faculty, a rewarding on-campus internship opportunity playing into her future career goals, and an enriching study abroad experience … not to mention the joys she’s found in everyday life in Charleston!

Thesis Requirement

CSA Guiding You Step by Step Through the Thesis Process

The purpose of the master's thesis in the Department of Counseling and Student Development is to allow the student the opportunity to engage in basic research that addresses a relevant educational issue in a parsimonious, coherent and documented manner resulting in a finished product that has increased knowledge in the field and prepared the student for future research endeavors.

Graduate Showcase

Denise Corray, a graduate student in the College Student Affairs department, is researching factors that affect retention among non-traditional students at Eastern Illinois University. Corray is determining what those factors are and what recommendations those non-traditional students have for administrators. Corray has been working with Dr. Catherine L. Polydore on research for her thesis.