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Diverse Internships

Michael Mendez - Internship Opportunities

Graduate students in the Department of Clinical Psychology are highly active in the department, the university, and the field. Students consistently put together interesting projects that have been accepted at conferences around the country and have garnered awards on campus. They have been mentored by a theoretically and methodologically diverse faculty that encourages students to conduct research on important topics and to engage in applied projects, such as producing films and communication campaigns.

Sanja Trtanj - Internship Opportunities

Numerous Assistantships

We offer two types of capstone experience: a traditional academic thesis and a creative thesis. A traditional thesis provides students an opportunity to engage in original research that can make an important contribution to the field. Students may also complete a creative thesis, which can be thought of as an advanced applied project in the student's area of interest. This allows our students who are professionally oriented to design and engage in a capstone project that can add substantial applied work to their graduate experience.

Sonia Shah - Graduate Assistantship Opportunities

In both cases students get to work closely with a faculty advisor on a project tailored to their interests and desired program outcomes. More specifically, students who plan to go on to a doctoral program can complete a traditional thesis. Student who would like to become a PR professional, for example, may choose an applied project that allows them to develop a PR campaign while making a significant addition to their professional portfolio. This freedom allows students to personalize their program of study in important ways, tailoring their graduate studies to their interests.

Hands on Research Opportunities

In addition to students' area of concentration, our program offers a pedagogy option. This option provides further instruction and experience in collegiate level teaching for students interested in teaching communication at two-year or four-year institutions after they graduate. Students take multiple courses in pedagogy and engage in a combination of practicum and internship experiences. The option is highly sought-after and admission is competitive. Students are only accepted into the option once they have demonstrated success in the department in various ways.

Dr Anu Sharma and Graduate Candidate Kristina Decker

Dr Anu Sharma and Graduate Candidate Kristina Decker discuss their research focused on children of alcoholics.

Welcoming of International Students

Yamini Bellare - International Students

Whether it's getting a professional job, a teaching job, or going on to a Ph.D. program, our students have been very successful after they graduate our program. Building on significant theoretical and methodological commitments, the graduate program provides the background necessary to be successful in numerous communication-oriented careers. With a strong focus on fostering students’ writing, critical thinking, and problem solving skills, we are dedicated to the success of our students in the program and beyond.

Successful Alumni

Individuals with a master's degree in psychology generally find a diverse employment field available. This degree provides the training and education necessary to function as a professional in the field of applied psychology. Most EIU graduates have secured employment in human services settings; however, many are employed in the industrial and private sectors, while others have continued their education toward advanced training including Psy.D. or Ph.D. programs.