Teacher Education

The CEPS teacher education Web pages are your best source of information regarding admission to teacher education and application to student teach. You are urged to bookmark the site, as it is a valuable resource for all teacher education candidates. This site includes all announced meeting dates, as well as testing information for selection and certification.

NOTICE: Every student planning to student teach must formally apply. New procedures for applying to student teach took effect in fall 2010. If you are planning to student teach in fall 2012 or spring 2013, click here for additional details.

Student teaching placements are made by a student teaching coordinator assigned to the student teacher. Self-placement is not allowed and will result in placement being deferred to a subsequent semester. After a placement is made, a request to change student teaching to a different place or semester is unusual and approved only under extraordinary circumstances. Approval can only be given by the Department of Student Teaching and Clinical Experiences.