Student Teaching in the Champaign Region

Here is some information that should help you make plans for next semester.

You have been assigned to the Champaign Region for student teaching. This region includes Champaign, Urbana, Danville, and surrounding areas.  At the pre-placement conference we will discuss what are the best placement choices in the Champaign Region for your situation.

Pre-Placement Interview Coordinators: David Stimac, Marcy Vancil

Please sign up for a Pre-Placement Conference in the Student Teaching Office.


You are expected to bring the following to the Pre-Placement Conference:

Your resume

Your writing sample - This information will be given to your prospective cooperating teacher, so please proofread and format the information so that it looks professional. Add your name at the top.

  • One copy of each of the following:


Practicum Evaluations

Disposition Evaluations from your EIU Practicum Advisor


We look forward to meeting you for your Pre-Placement Conference at EIU. (We are going to take your picture at that time for identification purposes only.)


Contact information

It is important that you stay in contact with your coordinator.

Marcy Vancil 217-377-0564 / 217-384-7851
Dave Stimac 217-474-1253