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 CEPS Alumni Board 2009 

Left to Right, back: John Hasten, Janette Van Meter, Mona Daveport, Scott Smith, front: Misty Rhoads, Ingrid McCallister (not pictured: Chad Burgett, Lori Richardson)

The CEPS Alumni Board met for the first time on February 20, 2009. These alumni, representing a diversity of majors, careers, and ages, found a common goal to help the College and help other alumni reconnect with each other and the University.

Although the Board has only been in existence for six months, the members have already designed an awards program and a coordinated effort for Homecoming.



The CEPS Alumni Board created an awards program this year to be awarded for the first time in Spring 2010.

The three awards created were the CEPS Rising Star Award, the CEPS Leadership and Service Award, and the CEPS Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Board looks forward to reading many nominations for these awards to learn more about the amazing alumni of the College of Education and Professional Studies.