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Dec 10, 2012


What does it mean to "write-on-site"? Coined by Kerry Ann Rockquemore, Write-on-Site is a program where faculty can come together to work on their particular projects for two hours at least once a week. Although people are working on their own projects, writing together in one place can provide the accountability of showing up, cultivate the sense that we are part of a community of writers, and help create that energy buzz that comes from being around others who are doing the same thing. During Fall 2012, the Faculty Development office (1116 Booth Library) will be open for Write-on-Site from 9 a.m. to noon on Wednesdays. Check in, grab a cup of tea or coffee, and start working. There is space to work either in the office or in Booth Library's hidden treasure, the Faculty Reading Room. For more information, please contact the Faculty Development office at 581-7051 or by email at

KRISHNA THOMAS, Assistant Director, Faculty Development
Posted: Aug 20, 2012

In accordance with the 2012-2016 EIU-UPI Unit A agreement, Summer Research and Creative Activity Awards will once again be available this year. The awards are for research and creative activity projects conducted between the end of the spring semester and Aug. 31, 2013, by tenured/tenure track faculty in Bargaining Unit A. Approximately 20 awards of $4,500 each in the form of personal services payments will be granted. Faculty who wish to apply for funding should hand-deliver one copy of their proposal to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, 1102 Blair Hall, no later than noon on Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2013. Researchers who have previously received a CFR grant and/or Summer Research and Creative Activity Award should make sure a progress/final report is on file for each award in the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs. To obtain a copy of the application materials, please visit our website. Applicants should make sure they use the most current application forms. If you have any questions, please contact Brad Green in the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs at 217-581-2125 or

BOB CHESNUT, Director, Research and Sponsored Programs
Posted: Oct 08, 2012

Proposals for grants from the Proposal Initiative Fund (PIF) are due by noon on May 8, 2013. The purpose of the PIF is to support projects with potential to lead to significant external funding. Eligible projects include -- but are not limited to -- research, creative activity, service, curriculum development, and outreach. All university personnel are welcome to apply for PIF grants. For complete program guidelines and application instructions, click here.

BOB CHESNUT, Director, Research and Sponsored Programs
Posted: Oct 08, 2012

Faculty Development is pleased to announce the recipients of Fall 2012 Support Grants: Melissa Ames (ENG), Jeffrey Boshart (ART), Steven Daniel (BIO), Karen Drage (TEC), Rose Gong (SED), Christopher Hanlon (ENG), Kai Hung (BIO), Teresita Hunt (SED), Melissa Jones-Bromenshenkel (SPE), Danelle Larson (MUS), Hasan Mavi (KSS), Robin Murray (ENG), Gopal Periyannan (CHM), Robert Petersen (ART), Linda Simpson (SFCS), Mary Caroline Simpson (ART), Betty Smith (G-G), Lisa Taylor (SFCS) and Richard Wilkinson (SFCS).

Please note that the due date for Spring 2013 Support Grant applications will be posted soon.

KRISHNA THOMAS, Assistant Director, Faculty Development
Posted: Oct 18, 2012

Faculty Development is pleased to announce the recipients of Partnership Grants: Carla Honselman (SCFS), Robert Bates (HST) and Jill Owen (KSS), Ann Brownson (LIB), Teresita Hunt (SEF), Fern Kory (ENG), Jeanne Okrasinski (EC/ELE/MLE) and Jamila Smith (ENG), Steven Daniel (BIO) and David Goldfarb (NYU School of Medicine), Wafeek Wahby (TEC) and Allen Lanham (LIB), Jeanne Okrasinski (EC/ELE/MLE), Dana Stodden (EC/ELE/MLE) and Ingrid Minger (Mattoon Middle School), Teresita Hunt (SEF), Robin Murray (ENG), and Rebecca Lawson (Sullivan High School).

KRISHNA THOMAS, Assistant Director, Faculty Development
Posted: Nov 02, 2012

The School of Business is proud to announce that Michael Dobbs, assistant professor of management, was honored with the Best Paper Award at the 23rd annual Conference of the American Society for Competitiveness in Washington, D.C. on Oct. 26, 2012. Dobbs' paper, “Porter’s Five Forces in Practice: Templates for Firm and Case Analysis,” describes the tools he developed for strategic management students to utilize Michael Porter’s "Five Forces" industry analysis framework. The paper was selected as the top paper out of the more than 100 submitted for presentation at the conference.

At the recent Central Illinois Camera Club Association's fall salon competition, Robert Wiseman had one honor print and one accepted print. Both prints were entered in the large print division which had more than 200 prints entered.

Also, at the recent 70th year FSRTC Conference held on the campus of Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg, Kan., Wiseman presented a program on the preservation and restoration of photographic images.

Richard V. Riccio and Terry A. Barnhart, History Department, have co-authored “Where Art and History Meet: A Perspective and an Approach” in "A Handbook for Academic Museums: Exhibitions and Education," Stefanie S. Jandl and Mark S. Gold, eds. (Edinburgh and Boston: MuseumsEtc, 2012). Pp. 490-509. The essay is a case study of interdisciplinary collaborations between the History Department's M. A. in Historical Administration Program and the Tarble Arts Center.

Professor Robin L. Murray (English) and Professor (Emeritus) Joseph K Heumann (communication studies) have been informed that their book, "Films About Everyday Eco-Disasters," has been accepted for publication by the University of Nebraska Press.

Katie Vigil, experiential learning adviser at Career Services, will showcase a "best practices" program during a national webinar presented by Intern Bridge. She will be presenting on the Student Internship Ambassadors (SIA), a student group she launched in October that has since become a registered student organization. The SIAs serve as knowledgeable representatives to promote awareness and participation in experiential learning opportunities. The ambassadors strive to cultivate leadership, service, and professional development. More information about the webinar can be found here. More information about the SIAs can be found on their website.


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