May 04, 2015



The Civil Service Council is the voice for all civil service non-negotiated employees at EIU. It is election time, and we are looking for representatives from:
District I (President’s Area, Vice President for University Advancement, Vice President for Academic Affairs) for a two-year term;
District II (Vice President for Business Affairs) for a one-year term; and
District III (Vice President for Student Affairs) for a two-year term.

Please consider running as a representative.

Elections are open to EIU employees who meet the following criteria: 1) permanent non-negotiated, 2) continuous non-union, 3) non-academic employee, and 4) not an off-campus contract appointment.

A nomination form can be obtained by visiting the council's website. The deadline to submit nominations is May 15, 2015.

Nomination forms should be submitted to John Sigler, Facilities Planning and Management, or faxed to 581-5716. If you have questions, please email or call 581-7221.

RHONDA E. NICHOLS, Information Technology Services
Posted: May 04, 2015

Internal Governing Policy #171 Tobacco-Free Campus was recently revised with the approval of the president. Please note the effective date of the revised policy is July 1, 2015. Please take time to review this change.

LEIGH C. MOON, Internal Audit
Posted: May 03, 2015

Every employee has records! If you send emails and they pertain to the function of your job, then that is a record that must be retained according to your department’s Records Retention Schedule. To see your department’s Records Retention Schedule, contact the clerical staff in your office. If you don’t know who to contact, then call Cathy Kimball, EIU records officer, at 581-3318.

Detailed RIM information for all employees of EIU can be found here.

Topics include:
• Quick Tips for email management
• Records definitions
• Internal Governing Policy 136 -- Records Management Program
• Internal Governing Policy 182.1 -- Electronic Communication with Students, Faculty, and Staff
• EIU Identity Protection Act

CATHY L. KIMBALL, Records and Information Management
Posted: May 01, 2015

The Office of Testing and Evaluation will be open 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday, May 4-7, and will resume regular business hours (8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) Friday, May 8.

Please refer to our website or call our office at 581-5986 prior to finals week for information regarding how to submit exams and which exam score reports will work best for you. Processing time for exams is two to three hours, assuming reasonable workflow and no equipment failures. Exams that are submitted for scoring that have incorrect or incomplete information will be delayed.

As storage space is limited in our office, we ask that you please pick up exams as soon as possible after you are notified that they are ready. Any exams with electronic results that are not picked up by 4:30 p.m. Monday, May 11, will be returned to their respective departments via campus mail.

JENNIFER L. SMITH, Testing & Evaluation Operations
Posted: Apr 26, 2015

It is time to plan for year-end telephone moves, adds and changes. Any orders that have a completion date after May 31, 2015, will post to FY16. Please note: Standard orders can take up to 10 business days to be completed.

BECKY SHEW, Telecommunications
Posted: Apr 26, 2015

The official position from the Illinois State Records Commission (SRC) for social media such as Facebook, is that unique posts made by an agency on an official social media account fall in the same category as publications or press releases. If the posts are redundant to identical messages sent out via other media, only one version needs to be kept (often the paper or website version, since that is easier to control).

If you have a communication, in that a back-and-forth conversation takes place, that should be classified as correspondence. The SRC highly recommends taking conversations to a more traditional method like email when possible (e.g., person posts comment or request to social media page, agency forwards that to email and responds that way).

If you have any questions about Records & Information Management, please feel free to contact me at or by phone at 217-581-3318.

CATHY L. KIMBALL, Records & Information Management
Posted: Apr 22, 2015

As we near the end of the semester, the recycling department can provide 90-gallon blue recycling bins for paper recycling in offices for spring cleaning or in preparation of retirement. If the papers being recycled contain sensitive information (quizzes, tests, etc.), arrangements can be made to transport the container directly from the office to CCAR Industries for recycling so as to prevent sensitive information from being released into the public. Bins will be provided on a first-requested, first-served basis. Please submit your request via email to

RYAN W. SIEGEL, Facilities Planning and Management
Posted: Apr 10, 2015

FY16 requisitions may now be entered by changing your transaction and delivery dates to July 1, 2015. All FY15 requisitions must be received in the office of Procurement, Disbursements and Contract Services by the deadlines listed below. Procurement cannot guarantee that requisitions submitted after the deadlines will be paid from FY15 funds.

All FY16 requisitions that are to be in place by July 1, 2015, need to adhere to the same deadlines below, or as requested by the buyer.. Do not wait for FY16 budgets to be loaded.


Purchases exceeding the Board of Trustees Approval limit:
$250,000 for any purchase -- Feb. 13, 2015

Purchases exceeding the following:
$20,000 for Professional and Artistic Services (P&A); $50,000 for Commodities, Equipment and Services; and $65,000 for Construction -- March 13, 2015

Purchases less than the following:
$20,000 for Professional and Artistic Services (P&A); $50,000 for Commodities, Equipment and Services; and $65,000 for Construction -- May 1, 2015

Please notify Procurement if you have a purchase or are planning a purchase that cannot meet these deadlines.

SUSAN L. PROPST, Purchasing
Posted: Jan 08, 2015

Travel Applications Deadline:
All Travel Applications for the remainder of FY15 must be received in the Department of Procurement, Disbursements and Contract Services by June 5, 2015.

OfficeMax Deadline:
Final day to order through OfficeMax for FY15 -- Noon on Monday, June 29, 2015

P-Card Deadlines:
Transactions need a post date of June 30, 2015, or earlier on PaymentNet for P-Card purchases from FY15 funds. All FY15 transactions must be reviewed and approved on PaymentNet by July 1, 2015.

Final Payments:
All final FY15 Request for Payments, invoices, and Travel Vouchers must be received in the Department of Procurement, Disbursements and Contract Services by July 9, 2015.

SUSAN L PROPST, Procurement, Disbursements and Contract Services
Posted: Jan 08, 2015

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