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May 25, 2018


Human Resources

Exiting EIU

Any employee who is terminating from the university for any reason should always contact the Human Resources Employment Office as soon as you know your last day of work. There is an exiting process that requires everyone to complete a Clearance Sheet before leaving campus. Faculty and administrative employees should provide a resignation/retirement letter to their Chair/Director and copy the appropriate VP and HR. Civil Service employees need to call first with their last day of work and then come to the HR Employment Office to complete official separation paperwork before receiving the Clearance Sheet. If you have any questions about the exiting process, please call the HR Employment Office at (217) 581-3463.

Carol Galey, Human Resources
Posted: Apr 06, 2018

SURS E-mail Verification Letters

Please be advised that SURS is in the process of verifying/cleaning up member email lists per the requirements of their email service provider, Click Dimensions. In response, SURS recently sent letters via U.S. mail to all members with invalid or unengaged email addresses. It is requested that recipients of the letter go to the SURS website and update their email addresses and engage by opening an email from SURS Communications. By simply opening the email, their email address will be flagged as valid for future use.

Any questions regarding this notification should be directed to SURS by phoning (800) 275-7877.

Amanda Zucco, Benefits Services
Posted: Mar 26, 2018

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