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Mission Statement:

The CATS Digital & Multimedia Services team realizes that we indirectly impact our students through our service to the campus, primarily in the area of academics. It is our goal to provide optimal services in multimedia to EIU, faculty, staff and departments who work directly with the students inside and outside the classroom. It is in this way that we believe our services provide an end benefit to EIU students. We believe that this endeavor will assist in providing an atmosphere of support, and an availability of resources, to best develop our leaders of tomorrow.

Vision Statement:

The vision of the Digital & Multimedia Services team at CATS is to see our team support the efforts of EIU faculty, staff and departments in providing students optimal media resources. We believe this will contribute to the students becoming successful leaders and be competitive in the job market, through our various support services to EIU faculty, staff and departments.


Our team is comprised mostly of student assistants and graduate assistants. Whether we are supporting the campus or the CATS team, we value providing excellence in service to our campus community. We believe this can be done with a positive attitude, teamwork, hard work, and respect. We believe that in order to best serve the needs of our campus, we must develop our own team with these values.