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GTC Equipment Checkout

The GTC provides a checkout desk to make a variety of technology hardware available to students and staff.

View Equipment Checkout Policies (PDF)

Item Length Conditions
Digital Cameras 5 hours *
Video Cameras (miniDV - SD and HD) 5 hours  *
Audio Equipment for Video Cameras 5 hours  *
Tripods 5 hours  *
Cables (Firewire, USB, etc.) 5 hours  *
Display Port Adapter 5 hours  *
Snowflake USB Microphones 5 hours  *
Webcams 5 hours  *
Card Readers 5 hours  *
Headphones 8 hours Lab use only
Sound Proof Booth 5 hours  
Notebook Computers (for students) 24 hours Academic use only*
iPod Touch or iPad 5 hours Faculty only*
Notebook Computers (for faculty) variable Faculty only*
General AV Equip. for events variable Please make requests no less than 7 business days before the event is to be held.**

*If the checkout is done less than 5hrs before the closing of the GTC, the item must be returned by closing time   unless an extension has been approved. Those that intentionally fail to return the items on time will be fined accordingly.

If students need items longer than the time allowed they must bring a signed document from a faculty member, department chairperson, or contact the Director of the GTC and request permission.

If faculty or staff need items longer than the time allowed, an extension can be arranged by contacting:

**AV equipment must be turned in on time and the individual or organization will be wholly responsible for the condition of said items. Upon inspection of the returned items, all damages or replacement will be billed to the signer of the checkout agreement.

Below is a link to the beta version of the GTC Equipment Reservation link. The submission of a request does not mean that the request will be fulfilled. Fulfillment or rejection of said request will be notified to the submitter via email by the director or assigned proxy.

GTC Reservation Form

Chad Elliott
Director of Gregg Technology Center
Center for Academic Technology Support
Eastern Illinois University
217-581-8340 | cpelliott@eiu.edu