Eastern Illinois University and Lake Land College Transfer Guide

From A.A.S. in Paramedical Services (2/BIO 100) to B.A. in Health Studies First Responder Option

Lake Land College - year 1

Semester 1

EMS 050 Emergency Medical Tech-Basic (HST Elective) 6
BIO 1001 Biological Science (BIO 1001G) 4
PSY 271 Introduction to Psychology (PSY 1879G) 3
AHE 055 Math for Meds (HST Elective) 2

Semester 2

PSY 279 Human Development/Lifespan (PSY Elective SB Gen Ed) 3
HED 2902 Disease Processes (HST 2900 - Core) 2
ENG 1202 Composition I (ENG 1001G) 3
EMS 056 Emergency Medical Tech (HST Elective) 6
EMS 065 Emergency Medical Tech (HST Elective) 2

Semester 3

EMS 057 Emergency Medical Tech (HST Elective) 9

Lake Land College - year 2

Semester 1

3EMS 062 Emergency Medical Tech (HST Elective) 2
EMS 058 Emergency Medical Tech (HST Elective) 10
BIO 225 Human Anat Phys 1 (BIO 2001G) 4
SPE 1112 Intro to Speech Communication (CMN 1310G) 3

Semester 2

EMS 059 Emergency Medical Tech (HST Elective) 10
EMS 066 Emergency Medical Tech (HST Elective) 2
BIO 226 Human Anat. Phys II (BIO 2200) 4

Total: 75 Semester Hours

Eastern Illinois University - year 3

Semester 1

HST 22702 Community Health (Core) 3
HST 27002 Marketing Concepts for Health Promotion Professionals (Core) 3
HST 28002 Health Education Research Methods I (Core) 3
HST 2200G2,4 Health Citizenship (Core) SB Gen Ed 3
ENG 1002G2 Composition and Literature (LG Gen Ed) 3

Semester 2

HST 37652 Principles of Epidemiology (Core) 3
HST 38002 Health Education Research Methods II (Core) 3
  FA Gen Ed 3
  HUM Gen Ed 3
  MATH Gen Ed 3

Semester 3

HST 35002 Human Sexuality (Core) 3
HST 48902 Drugs and Society (Core) 3

Eastern Illinois University - year 4

Semester 1

HST 33002 Principles of Accident Prevention (Core) 2
HST 37002 Community Health Behavior Methods (Core) 3
HST 37502 Health Care Delivery Systems (Core) 3
EIU 4____ Senior Seminar 3
  PHYS Sci Gen Ed 3

Semester 2

HST 31002 Terrorism: The Public Health Response (Core) 3
HST 42502 Planning Health Programs (Core) 3
HST 47702 Health Services Administration (Core) 3
HST 48002 Health and Aging (Core) 3
  HUM/FA Gen Ed 3

Semester 3

HST 33302 Advanced Driving Maneuvers (Core) 2
HST 42752 Internship (Core) 8
Total: 75 Semester Hours
Program Total: 150 Semester Hours
1This course could be waived by instructor if sufficient Biology was taken in high school.
2A grade of "C" or better in Composition I, Composition II, Public Speaking, and all Health Studies Core courses.
3Apply to Eastern one year prior to enrollment. Have official transcripts sent from Lake Land College and high school.
4HST 2200G meets the Cultural Diversity requirement for Graduation.

Note: Completion of the second semester of a single foreign language is a graduation requirement. Students are exempt if two full years of a high school foreign language is complete with a "C" average or better.

Lake Land College is a public community college founded in 1966 offering career programs that lead to immediate employment, transfer programs which lead to a baccalaureate degree, liberal arts, adult education, special job training and retraining programs. The College enrolls 6,000 students from across East Central Illinois on its main campus in Mattoon and at the Effingham Kluthe Center, Workforce Development Center /IETC, on the Internet and at more than 25 off campus sites. The College is located at 5001 Lake Land Boulevard. (U.S. Route 45), Mattoon, Illinois, near the junction of Interstate 57, exit 184 and U.S. Route 45 and serves a 4,000 square mile district with a population of 201,000.

Eastern Illinois University, located in the east central Illinois community of Charleston, is recognized among the Midwest's top quality public universities. Eastern is ranked fifth among all public Midwestern universities with master's programs, according to U.S. News and World Report's 2002 guide to "America's Best Colleges." Eastern is the only Illinois public University to be distiguished in this way. The University enrolls more than 10,000 students annually who can select from a broad range of academic programs and degree offerings. The Eastern experience can best be described as "Big Enough to Matter, Small Enough to Care." Students attending Eastern receive a high quality education characterized by small class sizes taught by a dedicated and caring faculty who place student success as their top priority.

Dave Budde, Lake Land College, Mattoon, IL, 61938, 217-234-5370, dbudde9691@lakeland.cc.il.us
Julie Dietz
Health Studies
Eastern Illinois University
600 Lincoln Avenue
Charleston, IL 61920-3099
(217) 581-6445

University Catalog
This articulation course matrix is intended to be complete and accurate. However, the Eastern Illinois University Undergraduate Catalog is the official statement of requirements.

Effective Dates
This articulation agreement is valid from August 16, 2009 through August 16, 2013 .

Program Articulation Agreement
This articulation agreement and program requirements are subject to change. See your community college counselor or advisor for updated information prior to registering for courses each semester. Alternatively, you can contact the Transfer Coordinator at Eastern Illinois University by phone at 217-581-7663 or by e-mail at rlpearson@eiu.edu.

University Residency Requirement
The Eastern Illinois University courses listed in the course matrix fulfill the University's residency requirement.

University Graduation Requirements
Among other requirements, students graduating from EIU must have an overall GPA of 2.0 or higher; an GPA of 2.0 or higher in the major; 40 semester hours of upper-division course (3000-4000 level); complete or have documented exemption from two courses in a single foreign language with a GPA of 2.0 or higher; two upper-division writing-intensive courses and electronic writing portfolio submission and assessment. A complete description of undergraduate graduation requirements is in the Eastern Illinois University Undergraduate Catalog.

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