Eastern Illinois University and Zhijiang College of Zhejiang Univ. of Technology Transfer Guide

From B.S. in Industrial Engineering (First Two Years) to B.S. in Industrial Technology (Production Concentration)

Zhijiang College of Zhejiang Univ. of Technology - year 1

Semester 1

  10302010 Modern History of China 2
  10200080 Introduction of Computer Technology 1
 10202021/22 Computer Programming with Visual Basic 1.5 - 3
 10300010 College Chinese 2
 10302020 Fundamentals of Law 2
    8.5 - 10

Semester 2

 10302030 Principles of European Philosophy 3
 10302040 Principles of Chinese Philosophy 5
 10502011 English 5
 10502012 English 4
 10502013 English 4

Zhijiang College of Zhejiang Univ. of Technology - year 2

Semester 1

 10502014 English 5
 10800020 Physics 3
 10800081 Calculus A 6
 10800082 Calclulus A 5
 10902011 Physical Education 2
 10902012 Physical Education 2
 10902013 Physical Education 2
 10902014 Physical Education 2
 10400271 Engineering Graphics 3
 10400273 Engineering Graphics 2
 104000350 Management Principle 2

Semester 2

 10400550 Fundamental of Machine Manufacturing Technology 2
 10400540 Technology Foundation of Mechanical Manufacturing 2
 10400660 Principles of Economics 2
 10400860 Applied Statistics 3
 10400870 Operations Research 4
 10401040 Linear Algebra and Probability Theory 4
 10401071 Engineering Mechanics 3
 10401072 Engineering Mechanics 2
 10401080 Electrical and Electronic Circuit 4
 30400270 Management Psychology 2

Total: 91.5 - 93 Semester Hours

Eastern Illinois University - year 3

Semester 1

ENG 1001G* Composition and Language 3
CHM 1310G General Chemistry I 3
CHM 1315G General Chemistry Laboratory I 1
INT 1413 Technological Systems 3
  Humanities (Upper Division)1 3

Semester 2

ENG 1002G* Composition and Literature 3
INT 1263 Materials Technology 3
BIO 1001G Biological Principles and Issues 3
PHY 1361 General Physics II 3
PHY 1362 General Physics II Laboratory 1
INT 3103 Robots and Control Systems 3

Eastern Illinois University - year 4

Semester 1

CMN 1310* Introduction to Speech Communication 3
  Fine Arts (Upper Division)1 3
ECN 2800G or 2801G Economics of Social Issues or Principles of Macroeconomics 3
INT 4843 Statistical Quality Assurance 3
AET 3703 Machine Design 3

Semester 2

EIU 4____ Senior Seminar 3
ENG 3005 Technical Communication 3
  Social and Behavioral Science (Upper Division)1 3
INT 3203 Robots and Control Systems 3
INT 4853 Polymers and Composites 3

Semester 3

  Social and Behavioral Science (Upper Division)1 3
INT 4274 Automation and Control Systems 4
INT 4833 Automatic Identification and Data Capture 3
INT 4803 Plant Layout and Material Handling 3
Total: 72 Semester Hours
Program Total: 163.5 - 165 Semester Hours
*Grade of "C" or better is required.

1One course must meet Cultural Diversity graduation requirements. 40 hours of Upper Division credit required for graduation.

Students from Zhijiang College of Zhejiang University of Technology (ZC, ZJUT) are exempt from EIU Foreign Language requirements per Dr. Canfield. A Waiver is required.

Zhejiang University of Technology situates in Hangzhou , Zhejiang province, the eastern coast of China . As the host city of 2006 World Leisure Exposition and Forbes 2006 best commercial city in mainland China, Hangzhou is not only famous over the world for its beautiful Westlake sceneries, but also is becoming an open and vigorous city combining traditional and modern elements. Currently, ZJUT possesses 3 campuses, characterized with different styles and environments and connected by public transportation and school buses. The university is an ideal choice for you to study or work in. Established in 1953, the university is developing fast thanks to the development of Chinese economy and has already become one of the best universities in Zhejiang province. Some of the subjects rank in the top of Chinese universities, and many are regarded as first-class in Zhejiang province. Abiding by the university motto of "Noble morals, Initiative practice", the university has been trying to provide the students with excellent professional training and comprehensive quality cultivation, to inspire teachers and students to pursue the truth with industrious study and work. The integration of traditional Chinese moral concept and modern social responsibility endows the university the principle to cultivate talents. Thus, the graduates of our universities become competent and receive much acknowledgement in the society. At present, there are overseas students from 20 countries in the university studying Chinese, Chinese culture and other major subjects. In the future 5 years, ZJUT is striving for developing into a renowned teaching-and-research oriented university in China . As it is becoming increasingly internationalized, the university will spare no effort to offer every student or teacher equal opportunities and high-quality service. Welcome to ZJUT to study or work! Contact us and we are always ready to provide more detailed information about the university and the majors.

Eastern Illinois University has a rich tradition of preparing students to accomplish their life goals through a great combination of quality academics and personal relationships.

Consistently ranked in the top third of Midwest universities in its class by U.S. News and World Report, Eastern has earned its reputation by offering a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate programs taught by an experienced and caring faculty. In addition to reasonable tuition, fees, and room and board rates, Eastern offers a textbook rental system, saving the average student hundreds of dollars per semester.

A variety of excellent on-campus housing opportunities are available on the safe, compact 320-acre campus. Student graduation and retention rates are well above state and national averages, and that success continues after students earn their degrees -- year after year, Eastern ranks high in job placement, alumni satisfaction and employer satisfaction.

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University Catalog
This articulation course matrix is intended to be complete and accurate. However, the Eastern Illinois University Undergraduate Catalog is the official statement of requirements.

Effective Dates
This articulation agreement is valid from August 16, 2009 through August 16, 2013 .

Program Articulation Agreement
This articulation agreement and program requirements are subject to change. See your community college counselor or advisor for updated information prior to registering for courses each semester. Alternatively, you can contact the Transfer Coordinator at Eastern Illinois University by phone at 217-581-7663 or by e-mail at rlpearson@eiu.edu.

University Residency Requirement
The Eastern Illinois University courses listed in the course matrix fulfill the University's residency requirement.

University Graduation Requirements
Among other requirements, students graduating from EIU must have an overall GPA of 2.0 or higher; an GPA of 2.0 or higher in the major; 40 semester hours of upper-division course (3000-4000 level); complete or have documented exemption from two courses in a single foreign language with a GPA of 2.0 or higher; two upper-division writing-intensive courses and electronic writing portfolio submission and assessment. A complete description of undergraduate graduation requirements is in the Eastern Illinois University Undergraduate Catalog.

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