Eastern Illinois University and Kishwaukee College Transfer Guide

From A.A. in Journalism to B.A. in Journalism

Kishwaukee College - year 1

Semester 1

ENG 1031 Composition I (ENG 1001G) 3
ENG 109 Introduction to Technical Report Writing (CTE Elective) 3
OS 101 Beginning Keyboarding (CTE Elective) 3
JOU 210 Journalism and Democracy (JOU 2001G) 3
JOU 200 News Writing (JOU 2101) 3

Semester 2

ENG 1041 Composition 2 (ENG 1002G) 3
JOU 111 Publications Productions I (No Credit) 1
JOU 211 Introduction to News Editing (JOU 2901) 3
  IAI MAT 2 (MAT Gen Ed) 3
  IAI BIO (BIO Gen Ed) 4

Kishwaukee College - year 2

Semester 1

3SPE 100 Fundamentals of Speech (CMN 1310G) 3
ANT 120 or 220 Intro to Anthropology or Cultural Anthropology (ANT 2200G) Block A4 3
ECO 260 Principles of Macroeconomics (ECN 2801G) Block A4 3
JOU 112 Publications Productions II (No Credit) 1
JOU 236 Radio Programming (CMN 3520) 3
  IAI Humanities (Hum Gen Ed) 3

Semester 2

JOU 113 Publications Productions III (No Credit) 1
PLS 140 Intro to American Goverment/Policy (PLS 1153G) 3
SOC 283 Social Problems (SOC 2750G) Block A4 3
  IAI HUM or FA (Hum or FA Gen Ed) 3
  IAI Physical Sci (PHS Gen Ed) 4
  IAI Fine Arts (FA Gen Ed) 3

Total: 62 Semester Hours

Eastern Illinois University - year 3

Semester 1

JOU 2950 Introduction to Visual Communication 3
JOU 3000 Advanced Reporting and Research 3
HIS 3940 History of Amer. Journalism (Block A)4 3
  Block A Elective4 3
  Block A Elective5 (Upper Level) 3

Semester 2

JOU 3002 Introduction to Multimedia Journalism 3
JOU 3401 Journalism Practicum 1
  JOU Concentration6 3
  Block A Elective4 3
  Block B Elective5 (Upper level) 3
  Media & Society Elective7 (Upper level) 3

Eastern Illinois University - year 4

Semester 1

JOU 4102 Journalism Ethics 3
  JOU Concentration6 (Upper level) 3
  Block B Elective5 (Upper level) 3
EIU 4____ Senior Seminar 3
  Elective or Foreign Lang8 3 - 4
    15 - 16

Semester 2

JOU 4771 Communication Law 3
  JOU Concentration6 (Upper level) 3
  JOU Concentration6 (Upper level) 3
  Block B Elective5 (Upper level) 3
  Elective or Foreign Lang8 3 - 4
    15 - 16
Total: 61 - 63 Semester Hours
Program Total: 123 - 125 Semester Hours
Accreditation-The EIU Journalism Program is accredited by the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications (ACEJMC). The ACEJMC requires 80 semester hours outside of Journalism where 65 must be from the liberal arts and sciences.

Note - A grade of "C" or better is required in all Journalism course work. A major GPA of no less than 2.5 is required for graduation.

1Must have a grade of "C" or better in ENG 103 (ENG 1001G), ENG 104 (ENG 1002G), and SPE 100 (CMN 1310G).
2May need to take a Mathematics Prerequisite.
3Apply toEastern and have official transcripts sent now and after each semester completed.
4Include three subjects from PLS, SOC and/or ECN. See catalog or consult advisor for course listings.
5Courses approved by advisor from a single department, integrated into student's program in Journalism.
6Concentrations available in Writing & Reporting, Editing, Design, Photojounralism, Public Relations, New & Emerging Media, Broadcast News.
7Course may be chosen from JOU 3903, 3920, 3951, 3952, 3953, or 4001.
8Two courses in a single Foreign Language is required for graduation. Exempt if two years of a H.S. Foreign Language with a "C" average is completed.

Kishwaukee College first opened its doors in 1968, offering educational opportunities to students in DeKalb, Sycamore, Rochelle and the many small communities that surround them. Nestled in the rich agricultural fields, Kishwaukee offered area residents an ever-increasing variety of programs and services to meet the needs and wants of district residents—academic degrees for students wanting to transfer to a university, occupational degrees for students wanting a skilled career, preparation for students wanting to earn their GED, English classes for non-native speakers. Over the years, Kishwaukee College grew and added to its offerings: specialized programs to help local business and industry remain competitive in a global economy, training and support services for dislocated workers, a child care center, personal enrichment courses, community involvement and leadership. Beyond offering courses, programs and services, the College became an integral part of the community at large---Kishwaukee employees represent the College on many local boards and organizations, offering the assistance, expertise and facilities to keep our local communities moving into the future. The addition of the Conference Center gave local organizations, professional groups, business and industry a state-of-the art meeting and training facility. As the local communities grew and developed, Kishwaukee College also grew and developed to remain a constant and vital presence in the lives of the local residents. Forty years after first opening its doors, Kishwaukee College remains a cornerstone for the communities it serves, offering all residents real opportunity.

Eastern Illinois University has a rich tradition of preparing students to accomplish their life goals through a great combination of quality academics and personal relationships.

Consistently ranked in the top third of Midwest universities in its class by U.S. News and World Report, Eastern has earned its reputation by offering a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate programs taught by an experienced and caring faculty. In addition to reasonable tuition, fees, and room and board rates, Eastern offers a textbook rental system, saving the average student hundreds of dollars per semester.

A variety of excellent on-campus housing opportunities are available on the safe, compact 320-acre campus. Student graduation and retention rates are well above state and national averages, and that success continues after students earn their degrees -- year after year, Eastern ranks high in job placement, alumni satisfaction and employer satisfaction.

John Desjarlais
Kishwaukee College
21193 Malta Road
Malta, IL 60150-9699
815-825-2086 ext. 2620
Sally Renaud, Chair, Department of Journalism
Eastern Illinois University
600 Lincoln Avenue
Charleston, IL 61920-3099

University Catalog
This articulation course matrix is intended to be complete and accurate. However, the Eastern Illinois University Undergraduate Catalog is the official statement of requirements.

Effective Dates
This articulation agreement is valid from August 16, 2009 through August 16, 2013 .

Program Articulation Agreement
This articulation agreement and program requirements are subject to change. See your community college counselor or advisor for updated information prior to registering for courses each semester. Alternatively, you can contact the Transfer Coordinator at Eastern Illinois University by phone at 217-581-7663 or by e-mail at rlpearson@eiu.edu.

University Residency Requirement
The Eastern Illinois University courses listed in the course matrix fulfill the University's residency requirement.

University Graduation Requirements
Among other requirements, students graduating from EIU must have an overall GPA of 2.0 or higher; an GPA of 2.0 or higher in the major; 40 semester hours of upper-division course (3000-4000 level); complete or have documented exemption from two courses in a single foreign language with a GPA of 2.0 or higher; two upper-division writing-intensive courses and electronic writing portfolio submission and assessment. A complete description of undergraduate graduation requirements is in the Eastern Illinois University Undergraduate Catalog.

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