Eastern Illinois University and William Rainey Harper College Transfer Guide

From A.S. Biological Science to Biological Sciences B.S.

William Rainey Harper College - year 1

Semester 1

ENG 1011 (ENG 1001G) 3
BIO 110 (BIO 1001G/1100) 4
CHM 121 (CHM 1310G/1315G) 5

Semester 2

ENG 1021 (ENG 1002G) 3
BIO 120 (BIO 1200G) 4
CHM 122 (CHM 1410/1415) 4
MTH 1032or Elective (MAT 1271 or 1400) 3
IAI Humanities3 HUM GEN ED  3

William Rainey Harper College - year 2

Semester 1

4SPE 1011 (CMN 1310G) 3
BIO 140 (BIO 1300G) 4
CHM 201 (CHM 2430/2435) 4
MTH 1402 or Elective (MAT 1330 & 1400) 4

Semester 2

MTH 2002 (MAT 1441G) 5
IAI Fine Arts3  (FA GEN ED) 3
Special Elective5  (ELECTIVE) 3

Total: 67 Semester Hours

Eastern Illinois University - year 3

Semester 1

BIO 1150 Biology Forum 1
BIO 3120 Molecular Cell Biology 4
BIO 3800 Ecology 4
PHY 1151G/1152G Principles of Physics I w/lab 4
BIO  Elective6 (Upper Level) 3 - 4
    16 - 17

Semester 2

PHY 1161/1162 Principles of Physics II/Prin of PHY II, Lab 4
BIO 3200 Genetics 4
BIO 4750
or MAT 2250G
or Elementary Statistics
3 - 4
BIO Elective6 (Upper Level) 3
BIO Elective6 (Upper Level) 3
    17 - 18

Eastern Illinois University - year 4

Semester 1

EIU 4____ (Senior Seminar) 3
BIO 3510
or 3520
Plant Physiology
or Animal Physiology
BIO Elective6 (Upper Level) 0 - 3
BIO Elective6 (Upper Level) 3
 Foreign Language or Elective6, 7 3
    13 - 16

Semester 2

BIO 4984 Organic Evolution 3
BIO Elective6 (Upper Level) 3 - 4
BIO Elective6 (Upper Level) 3
 Foreign Language or Elective6, 7 3
    15 - 16
Total: 61 - 67 Semester Hours
Program Total: 128 - 134 Semester Hours
1A grade of "C" or better is required for EIU graduation.
2Math sequence is determined by Math Placement. Prerequisite may be needed or exempted. The required course for the bachelors is MTH 200 (MAT 1441G) Calculus and Analytical Geometry 1.6 semester hours of Math are required for the Associate's Degree.
3Effective for Harper students following the 2005-2006 catalog and beyond, one course from IAI approved Humanities and Fine Arts or Social and Behavioral Sciences must meet Harper's World Cultures and Diversity graduation requirement. See Harper Catalog for course listing.
4Apply to Eastern one year prior to enrollment. Have official transcripts sent from College and high school.
5Harper students must take a course from the Special Elective Category. See Harper Catalog for course listing.
6Electives are chosen in consultation with Eastern Illinois University faculty advisor.
7Completion of the second semester of a single foreign language is a graduation requirement. Students are exempt if two full years of a high school foreign language is complete with a "C" average or better.

With a firm commitment to the dignity and significance of each individual, Harper College strives to help each student find his or her place in the world. We seek to provide the necessary training so that every student can achieve his or her personal goals. And, above all, we desire to create an environment in which questions may be asked, theories may be tested and every student who passes through our doors may realize his or her full potential. This has been our goal for more than three decades. It will guide us through the new millennium.

Eastern Illinois University has a rich tradition of preparing students to accomplish their life goals through a great combination of quality academics and personal relationships.

Consistently ranked in the top third of Midwest universities in its class by U.S. News and World Report, Eastern has earned its reputation by offering a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate programs taught by an experienced and caring faculty. In addition to reasonable tuition, fees, and room and board rates, Eastern offers a textbook rental system, saving the average student hundreds of dollars per semester.

A variety of excellent on-campus housing opportunities are available on the safe, compact 320-acre campus. Student graduation and retention rates are well above state and national averages, and that success continues after students earn their degrees -- year after year, Eastern ranks high in job placement, alumni satisfaction and employer satisfaction.

Ken Hyde
William Rainey Harper College
1200 W. Algonquin Road
Palatine, IL 60067-7398
Sandy Kreiling
William Rainey Harper College
1200 W. Algonquin Road
Palatine, IL 60067-7398
Gary Bulla, Interim Chair
School of Business
Eastern Illinois University
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University Catalog
This articulation course matrix is intended to be complete and accurate. However, the Eastern Illinois University Undergraduate Catalog is the official statement of requirements.

Effective Dates
This articulation agreement is valid from August 16, 2010 through August 15, 2014 .

Program Articulation Agreement
This articulation agreement and program requirements are subject to change. See your community college counselor or advisor for updated information prior to registering for courses each semester. Alternatively, you can contact the Transfer Coordinator at Eastern Illinois University by phone at 217-581-7663 or by e-mail at ripearson@eiu.edu.

University Residency Requirement
The Eastern Illinois University courses listed in the course matrix fulfill the University's residency requirement.

University Graduation Requirements
Among other requirements, students graduating from EIU must have an overall GPA of 2.0 or higher; an GPA of 2.0 or higher in the major; 40 semester hours of upper-division course (3000-4000 level); complete or have documented exemption from two courses in a single foreign language with a GPA of 2.0 or higher; two upper-division writing-intensive courses and electronic writing portfolio submission and assessment. A complete description of undergraduate graduation requirements is in the Eastern Illinois University Undergraduate Catalog.

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