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Resumes - Transferable Skills List

Transferable skills should be used on a resume in conjunction with specific job duties or responsibilities. The list below is provided as samples that will assist you in developing your own list of skills in your own writing style.

Leadership Skills

  • Exhibit self-motivation and a positive attitude
  • Motivate individuals and groups to perform
  • Design and implement plans of action
  • Set goals and follow through
  • Manage time efficiently through scheduling and prioritizing
  • Identify critical issues quickly and accurately
  • Organize and plan projects or events
  • Prioritize daily workload
  • Ensure that tasks are completed on time
  • Interpret rules and regulations

Information Management

  • Research, investigate and compile information
  • Analyze data and information
  • Formulate relevant questions and develop ways to supply and clarify answers
  • Communicate facts and ideas clearly both written and verbally
  • Compile, sort and interpret data
  • Manage a budget and keep accurate financial records


  • Solve problems creatively and logically
  • Create new processes or products
  • Write interesting and clear articles, reports
  • Market and display products to appeal to target audience
  • Demonstrate convincing public speaking skills
  • Design web pages
  • Create innovative solutions to complex problems

Interpersonal Communications

  • Understand and work within the group culture
  • Listen actively to co-workers
  • Teach, supervise and train others using easy-to-understand concepts and hands-on experience
  • Display understanding and respect for people from diverse backgrounds
  • Resolve conflicts with tact and diplomacy