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Dave Stevens - Internship at Kiewit, Salt Lake City, UT
Industrial Technology major

Landing the did you do it? Kiewit Internship

I learned about my internship opportunity at the 2008 fall Career Network Day while speaking with Kiewit.   I interviewed for the position and was fortunate enough to have received it.   

The Internship Experience...what did you do?

I spent my summer doing civil and grading engineering work for a light rail project in Salt Lake City, UT.  Some of the work included budgeting operations, take-offs, putting together work plans, supervising, and learning to work as a team.     


What prepared you for this opportunity?

I really did not know what to expect when I was going into the internship.   Once I got there, it was cool to put things I had learned in my textbooks to use.  It seemed much easier to understand book material and construction processes while actually doing them "hands-on" versus just reading about them.  


What advice do you have for students seeking internships?

Start looking for internships as soon as possible.   Many schools require an internship to graduate, so there is a lot of competition to find the right internship experience.   The more experience and types of work you do can make you that much more marketable- and successful!   Kiewit Internship


Benefits of the Internship...what did you learn?

I learned an unbelievable amount while on my internship!  This experience taught me how a large scale construction project is run and how much goes into it.   I learned how to produce cost forecasts, budgets, and how to do take-offs and quantities.   My internship provided the opportunity to learn the correct steps and procedures to complete a project including the planning beforehand, testing of material, how to carry out the operation in the field, and requirements for passing off the operation that was just completed.  

I also learned how to run some heavy equipment including a 980 and 950 Loader, 315 Excavator, D6 Dozer, a track skid steer, an articulating dump truck, and a back hoe.   Some of the machines took some getting used to, but it was a blast!  I learned how skilled some of our equipment operators are.   There were some big pieces of machinery that take a special touch, and are often used in tight spaces.    

During my internship, I was fortunate enough to have been able to oversee work on a couple of occasions.   This allowed me to develop skills on how to treat and manage workers so they continue to work hard and efficiently.        

Operating Heavy Equipment


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