EIU Graduate Survey

EIU Graduate Survey

Please take a few minutes to complete this graduate survey. Data collected will be used in our Annual Report. Graduates' names are not listed in reports, nor are employers linked with specific salary offers. If you have any questions, please call Career Services at 217-581-2412.

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  • If you selected options in sections A, B, C or D, please proceed to the corresponding section.
    If you selected an option from secion E, the survey is now complete. Please click the submit button at the end of the survey.

  • Our office is required to collect salary data for state and national data on salaries paid to majors. No information about your specific salary will be reported. This information is only used to compile an average salary for your major.

  • SECTION B: Volunteer or Service Program Participant

  • SECTION C: Serving in U.S. Military

  • D. Enrolled in program of continuing education: